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Axel Kohagen

Game 3 - Spoon-Dug Tunnels.

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As Twins broadcast signs off and repeats the 8-2 score, my thoughts turn to a Minnesota Twins playoff run.

Don't blame me. I tried to smother them in cynicism and reality.

The Twins just have to win games ugly and scrappy for this first third of the season. It's going to take cold weather, weird heroes, and relentless scrappiness.

In that time, they sort out their pitching staff. If they can come up with 3 above-average pitchers and then they can grind out some victories.

It's not much, but it's what I came up with. I've got the spoon I stole from despair's kitchen and I've picked out a section of wall to start tunneling through. I'll order my poster of Rita Hayworth in the morning.

First professional hit for Aaron Hicks. Willingham and Plouffe hit homers in the same game. The bullpen holds the whole thing together and picks up a poor outing from Roenicke. It's easy to forget the beginning of the game, which was filled with errors and Twins batters going three up, three down, in the Rhythm of Failure.

Listened to the whole game on the radio and followed along with the Twitter gossip. In the middle of the game, word spread that film critic and writer Roger Ebert had passed away. Game reports came in mixed with reactions of saddened admirers. His death isn't connected to baseball except for the timing of the announcement. Baseball seasons have a way of absorbing the history around them.



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