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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Refreshing- Random Thoughts after series 1

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Last year, based on the 2011 season, I was looking at the preview to 2012.


I couldn't help but look at how tough the schedule was, but we got to open against the Orioles, which I thought we could compete against. 0-3 NOOOOOOO, now we play the next 18 games against teams that are better than us, and it went into a tailspin after the first 21 games. This year after one series is refreshing. Very small sample size looking at the first series, but look at the difference of last year to this year. Twins lose first series going 0-3 vs a team I thought we were better than, this year we go 2-1 in a season we are picked to finish last in the AL Central, the Tigers picked to take 1st.

The Twins opening series was fun in a lot of ways, look how many negative thoughts are gone right off the bat. I am way more optimistic, (just because I am a Twins fan) than if the Twins would have even went 1-2. It was the way they won the games, quality starts, bottom of the order production, Mauer batting in the 2 hole. I was at the bowling alley watching the walkoff, I was with my bowling team (all Twins fans) the only one we could remember was the passed ball walk off which I believe Span scored, that is sad.

So as I write this watching Dozier knock in the go ahead run 5-4, I am much more optimistic about this year than last year, and I really hope the Twins can prove the nay sayers wrong, which I am one of them, based on other experts, cuz I tend to be too much of a homer, and I have to put down reality.
Random Thoughts

Justin Morneau has had very good at bats so far, he looks more confident, he is taking pitches, very uplifting to see.

Aaron Hicks has not taken enough pitches, from what happened in Spring Training to now, he needs to be more patient.

Mauer in the 2 hole I have said for 3 years has finally happened and I hope it stays that way.

Dozier hitting the ball the opposite way, he is an above avg hitter if he can start shooting the ball where it is pitched.

3 newcomers vs guys like Cabrera, Martinez, Fielder and the rest of Detroit lineup 2.45 ERA, pretty impressive.

Can somebody help Hendriks pitch with a lead!!!!!!
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