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Axel Kohagen

Game 7 - Royally Terrified.

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I caught the beginning of the Twins/Royals game on my car radio. I parked to catch the first pitch and enjoy shivering memories of watching the Evil Dead remake in the theater.

The movie was good, and I finally experienced my horror lover's no-hitter: I watched a scary movie in a theater all by myself. That's right - in a theater devoid of all other human beings.

That's a good'n to watch solo, too. If the creepy noises don't get you squirming, the over-the-top gore will have you wiggling in your seat. When you've got the whole place to yourselves, it seems like something dead is whispering right in your ear.

They should've given me a game ball.

Life on the baseball diamond seemed an awful lot happier than it was for young actors in cabins. My guy Ryan Doumit knocked in a first inning run. My joy was short lived when Doumit erased himself from the base paths with some bad running.

Still, a 1 run first inning seemed like a sign this would be a bad day for Royals Pitcher Ervin Santana.

Next thing you know, I'm getting back in my car to find out Santana clenched his jaw and shut the Twins down after that inning. Even with Correia pitching a great game, the Twins couldn't get through Santana to notch another victory.

At least the team is still over .500. For today.

By the way, the original Evil Dead came out in 1981, the Twins' last year in the Met. And if the Twins tank, I might have Target Field to myself before the year is done.



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