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Hope Springs Eternal

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Opening Day is a time for hope.

So, while the Twins are still undefeated, I thought I'd fire off a list of things I'm hoping will occur in 2012. Some may be more realistic than others, heck I'm willing to admit that some are pure fantasy. But still...

These are ten things I hope to see in 2012:

1) Mauer plays well and stays healthy and is in serious contention for a batting title and even MVP consideration.
2) Dan Barriero is publicly ridiculed and forced to apologize to Joe for constantly bitching about him and mocking his 'commitment'. Maybe a 'Dunk Dan' tank is added at Target Field. I'd pony up $5 for three balls.
3) Morneau stays off the DL for the entire season and has no concussion symptom recurrence. (I said these are 'hopes' right?)
4) Liam Hendriks sticks in the starting rotation and draws (legitimate) comparisons to a young Brad Radke.
5) One of the 'new kids' (Plouffe, Parmelee, Dozier, Benson, etc.) plays above expectations and generates some energy around the next wave of call-ups.
6) Willingham makes me happy about as often as Cuddyer did - and makes me frustrated less by not chasing low and away breaking balls for strike three.
7) The Tigers' defense is more offensive than their offense. I look forward to many costly errors by Cabrera in games against the Twins.
8) Leyland's classic overuse of starting pitchers comes home to roost this year. (I'm not hoping for injuries, just diminished performance due to overuse.)
9) The White Sox lose 100 games.
10) Twins are leading by one going into the 9th - and I'm not dreading to see who's warming up.

...and finally:

I hope I have to make time to watch meaningful games (involving the Twins) in September and October.

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