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Axel Kohagen

Game 10 - Back in Time.

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With a ground covered by snow and flakes drifting down from the sky, yesterday made me wonder if spring is coming again and the Twins pitchers and catchers need to report to Florida soon.

A double dose of spring training couldn't hurt, right? I tuned into the game when I started in on supper, and Vance Worley had coughed up 10 runs by the time our meal was done.

I had a hankering to go to that game, but when I texted the wife to see if she was down for wintery baseball game, her exact words were "Hell no!"

At least the Twins had some fun with it. They handed out buttons celebrating Sprinter (spring and winter), gave out free hot chocolate and coffee, and played Christmas carols over the PA. Almost made me wish I'd gone.

Then, I remember they lost 16-5.

- Axel


  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    That game was a must-miss.
    It was tough enough watching in a bar.
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