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Don't Feed the Greed? What does that mean...

Apocalypse Now: A 6000 Square Foot Video Screen at Wrigley Field

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An Associated Press article reveals plans for major revisions at the "The Friendly Confines." http://www.startribune.com/sports/tw...202993011.html

This is dreadful. I was at the first night game at Target Field, and sat in the upper deck behind home plate, when Scotty Baker outdueled Zack Greinke, and Willie Bloomquist's defense, under the lights. http://www.baseball-reference.com/bo...01004160.shtml

I will remember the game forever--and the feeling of overstimulation. All the electronics made the Metrodome feel subdued, in comparison. It was loud, it was bright, and I think there was a baseball game being played down below our perch in the nosebleeds--where many of the flashing lights were at eye-level.

This is modern baseball, I guess. I just thought that the hand-operated scoreboards of Fenway, and the relative expanse of grass and ivy at Wrigley accentuated the game. Electronics are for video games, not America's Pastime.

I am depressed. This is an apocolyptic sign, of biblical proportions. Say it aint' so...


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