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Winter Ball

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Since the 2010 season when Target Field opened for business, we fans here in the great white north have enjoyed a spate of decent, not ideal, but decent weather for ball games in April.

This year, not so much.

As I write this on April 18th looking out the front door, 3-4 or 4-5 or 5-6 inches of snow (who cares at this point?) is in the process of piling up here in the midst of Twins Territory. And the team is thankfully out of town until the grounds crew can tidy things up in time for the Marlins on Monday.

Last night’s game with the Angels was mercifully postponed to be made up at a date to yet be determined. First the Metropolitans and now the Angels must find their way back here when the weather will hopefully be better. The Mets will be stopping by in August and here’s hoping that the front office doesn’t do something silly like schedule the Angels in September.
The way things seem to be headed this year, that game may never get played.

Some discussion has come up on the difficulty of scheduling non-divisional and National League teams to make the trip back here on a day off in the middle of a road trip since these teams are scheduled into town for only one series all year.

To that end I would offer this solution to the problem.

Why not schedule only divisional teams in here in April? If a make-up game is needed due to a postponement it could be added on as the second half of a day-night or perhaps a twi-night doubleheader. (If you remember the Met, you remember twi-night games.)

Save the non-divisional matchups for May through August. Although anybody who’s lived here for more than a few years knows that the ‘Mother’s Day Sun Hat Giveaway’ for the first 10,000 mothers through the gates is never a sure thing either.

I realize that this idea might be too simple or the MLB schedulers would have thought of it already. Then again, maybe not.
I personally think it’s a great idea and one that should be considered.
At least until they put a roof on the place.

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