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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Weather, Rivalry, Survivor

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3 games in a row. My comfort after work is to come home and watch baseball w/ my daughter. When I got married I made the deal that when the Twins were on, I get control over the remote and I get to watch TwinsBaseball. Let me tell you the last week, Duluth has had the worst April weather since I have been alive I think. Windy, snowy, cold, not one good thing that brings spring into summer. No golf, going to Mondays Twins game at Target Field at 35 degrees, and horrible business due to bad driving conditions. I would love it to come home and relax and watch the Twins. Hell Joe Mauer is really fun to watch right now, Hicks was starting to look more comfortable, and the Twins won 2 games in a row, or I could say that Anaheim had no care of being in Minnesota and playing those games. The Twins have won 4 of the last 16 games vs the Sox I believe, and I was hoping to watch the series. Sox/Twins was a good rivalry back in the day.

When the Twins were winning the Central, Guillen was managing the WhiteSox, I used to love when they came to the dome. They hated the dome, and we dominated them. When I was a kid I got WGN, and I had the choice of watching Cubs games, Sox games, or on MSN, Twins games. I couldn't stand listening to the Sox games, the announcers I wanted to punch in the face, I loved Steve Stone and Haray Carey. I have hated the White Sox ever since I was a kid. I hate the Yankees, which lead me down the path of being a Red Sox fan. I want a rivalry!!! I want the Sox to be the rivalry it was 5-8 years ago. Obviously it takes winning seasons to get good rivalries, right now we haven't been good, so the rivalry has gone away. I have written about this before, the Twins need to stir things up, not sure who to do that w/, if it was me it would be the Yankees or the White Sox. A.J. Pierzynski helped create the rivalry, we need more characters like that in baseball. We have pieces to the puzzle coming up, at some point they need to have a little swag. Again, I have said this before, Joe Maddon made the Rays what they are today. They didn't take anything from the Yankees in preseason games and started showing people they aren't afraid. I would love to rial some things up with the Sox this weekend.

I can't help myself but write about my favorite show ever. "Survivor" I love that show more than any other show I have watched. I get made fun of because people think the show is about "surviving". It is totally not what it is, even though the conditions help make the show. There is soooooo much strategy that goes on in that show, I wish all my friends would give it a shot so I can talk strategy with them. I encourage every person, if you haven't watched the show, you love strategy, and you start understanding all that goes into the game, you would have to love it. This is my one attempt to just have at least 1 person more to watch this show, as I have probably seen most seasons, and the show never lets me down.
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  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more on the "3 days without baseball in April" thing. It was killing me last night. It's bad enough around the All-Star break, but at least you can watch the All-Star game. But to not play that game last night just because it was a little chilly? I'd love to get the inside story about that. I think the Sox were screwing with the Twins (or just really, really desperate to get a few more thousand fans in walkup sales this year.)
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