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Axel Kohagen

Game 15 - Sunday and Everything's All Right.

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Spent the day with friends I hadn't seen in far too long and observed the Twins cementing a victory, via my phone, on the drive home.

Plus, the sun is starting to smack back the zombie hordes of winter snowdrifts. Groovy.

There was another Twins fan present at our afternoon gathering, so I felt no shame about checking the score. There are those other times when you have to monitor the boys of summer without getting caught.

What's your strategy?

The sly peak into your purse or pocket?

The legitimate excuse to check your phone, followed by quick score check?

The bathroom updates?

Or do you just get your phone out and dare others to stop you?

Oh yeah. Twins are over .500. The team may not be completely out of the cellar and into the light, but like today's weather taught me, a little sunlight goes along way after a lot of darkness and despair.



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