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Axel Kohagen

Game 16/17 - To Talk About the Weather

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Double-headers are perfect. Ideally, the Twins would play twenty-four hours a day and I could always listen to them on the radio. There's probably some silly reason that wouldn't work, though.

Heard about the Arcia home-run on a quick phone check, then listened to enough game to feel like the Twins had it ready to put in their pocket. Then I alternated snippets of radio updates and smart phone monitoring to realize the second game might stay close, but it was probably never going the Twins way.

One game won, one game lost. When it comes down to it, we'll all remember today for the weather and the baseball will be an afterthought. I left my house feeling like an extra in Dr. Zhivago and came home to spring time and mud pies.

John Bonnes poetically praised this last summer dumping. The words were beautiful, but I think he's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

If I have to give an MVP for the day, I'd give it to the Target Rally Song. I still hum along and bop my head to that thing, and it's been around for several years. How many pop sensations haven't had the longevity of that jingle? Can we get a disco remix?

- Axel


  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    It's possible. I'm not going to deny that it's possible.
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