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Axel Kohagen

Ranger/Twins - Punch for Punch (Games 18-21)

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Have Cap, Will Travel (Game 18)

Took the wife to Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, where Michael Ian Black joined the show for the evening. Black is a comedic laser so sharp you can correct peopleís vision with his jokes.

Wits projects tweets onto the wall before the performance and at intermission. Couple tweeters in attendance used the board as a way of checking the score. Caught a couple Twins caps and jackets in the audience, too.

The Wits performance was original and intimate, and made me a fan of musician A.C. Newman.

The problem? The Twins performance was nothing new. It was the same old tale of runs given up early and the game fumbling its way to a Minnesota loss.

I did catch part of the television broadcast before we made it to the theater. When Dick Bremer finally goes with a full pompadour hair-do, get a picture for me.

Blah Summer Nights (Game 19)

Still in a funk over the Twins loss on Thursday night, I punished the team by only monitoring their play via the live graphics on

At least, I tried monitoring the team. I was also trying to load music onto my Android phone for theoretical jogging on some future date. This process became a disastrous blow to my self esteem and cemented my identity as a man who technology has passed by.

The Twins did little to distract me from technical hell. Then they got to the ninth inning and Arcia hit a ball out of the park to bring my beloved Doumit to the plate as the tying run.

That didnít work out so well.

Joe Nathan may be a Texas Ranger now, but I enjoy his pitching so much itís hard not to cheer a little when he comes up against the Twins. When Arcia knocked in three I almost puffed out my own cheeks in solidarity with the man on the mound.

I need to get to Target Field soon. Outdoors no longer seems like a hostile environment designed to destroy my soul. A cool breeze doesnít taste half as good if thereís not a ballgame in front of you.

Hicks Hacks and Hits (Game 20)
With my windows open and my work week over, I sat down to spend some quality time with the Minnesota Twins radio broadcast.

Initially, I had designs on a nap. Fortunately, the Twins bats cracked too loudly for sleep and the game ended with the Twins at .500.

Twitter Twins fans are coming to accept Aaron Hicks, who scored his first extra base hit during this game. Some trumpet his recent growth to announce theyíre first on the bandwagon. Others have settled in because there ainít much else to do.

Since Friday, I have become aware people exist. I suspected they were out there, but now that the weather is perfectly delightful, there are people everywhere. I think the fading cabin fever leads to spontaneous conversations with strangers. Iíll bet Target Field was full of new best friends today.

Changed and Unchanged (Game 21)

On my retro Sunday, I enjoyed a baseball game on the radio while looking out the window on a gorgeous spring day and reading G.K. Chestertonís classic 1908 mystery The Man Who Was Thursday.

Except my radio also double as an Ipod dock and I was reading Chesterton on a Kindle, not in hardcover.

Nothing makes the universe feel more right than realizing enjoying the action on the diamond connects you with over a century of history.

I wouldnít have caught baseball on the radio in 1908, but I couldíve kept up on the scores and maybe caught a game or two.

I wouldíve seen something that year thatís unheard of in our time. The Cubs won the NL pennant.

The Twins composed a perfect Sunday afternoon game. Correia kept the baserunners from crossing home and the Twins hitters kept the punches coming when it counted. Any game with a Morneau home run feels like a bare knuckle brawl and Gardyís already getting ejected in midseason form.

No more Twins baseball until tomorrow night. Wish my MLB app could pick up games from the past.


  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Wish my MLB app could pick up games from the past.

    I'd settle for being able do download radio calls of games that have been played.
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