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I've been asked about my daily choice of avatar(s). That joke has pretty much run its course so I'm not going to continue it indefinitely, and I thought I should just put the lengthy explanation here as a blog entry for possible future reference.

I started out without any visual embellishment to my postings. After a while I decided to try it out, after seeing others' choices. I didn't like my own photo for the purpose, and the first one I settled on, inspired indirectly I suppose by USAFChief's lovely older woman, was the equally lovely Amy Farrah Fowler.
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Amy seems to capture the analytic tone I aim for in my posts (when I'm not being goofy). Why not Sheldon Cooper, if "analytic" is the aim? I don't know, I just find her character funnier, and I liked the incongruity of picking a female. I went back and forth with variations, such as this one.
Name:  shamy_gothic_by_rabittooth-d4qtmkm.jpg
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Anyway, I later decided I needed an avatar to counterbalance my snark instead of amplifying it. I found this one, during a phase when TD policy was being enforced to achieve a kinder gentler forum,
Name:  good-morning164_smaller.jpg
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and it felt right for the purpose and I used it for quite a while - you can say the rudest things and the sunshine just takes the edge right off. However, I went back to wanting something that said "no, I meant it that way." I settled for a while on McKayla Maroney, an internet meme after her Olympics medal ceremony went a little wrong:
Name:  notimpresse.jpg
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I tried a similar one with McKayla and Obama
Name:  mckayla_obama.jpg
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and I found one of Hrbek with the same looking frame of mind
Name:  Hrbek-1.jpg
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I played around with a couple of other avatars of interest only to someone in my particular location: Tahoe Tessie
Name:  tessie.jpg
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our local answer to the Loch Ness Monster, and Archie the mascot of the AAA Reno Aces
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He's gross. I also tried this one.
Name:  freebeer.jpg
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Now, around this whole time, a TD advertiser was selling t-shirts. Bad Idea. (The company name, not a critique.) They used one model who was particularly striking, so much so that I figured it would kind of violate TD policy if it was not in an actual ad. So, naturally, I adopted her as an avatar.
Name:  badidea_tc.jpg
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As my project leader at my first job at Control Data would probably still say, she's a real day-brightener. (He would have been fired in the first week, nowadays, nice guy or not.) Notice the artful Twins logo I added, covering up the company blurb. To my surprise, this actually provoked a large quantity of (positive) feedback - and here I was trying to make a post-feminist statement or something. This photo was especially popular during game threads, garnering comments and making people not notice Aaron Hicks hadn't had a hit yet. It may have been due to her large bosoms, I can't quite be sure. At any rate I felt weird having her as my permanent avatar. So I hit upon the idea of using her strictly as an in-game avatar - a good luck charm. This, unfortunately, coincided with a bad few games for the Twins. So I tried mixing things around, using her as a reliever after she failed in the starter's role; she was there for Tyler Robertson's last home run, so I banished her from that role too. For a while she was the game-winning celebration avatar, where she couldn't cause the team any trouble. I still hate the idea that female members of TD would avoid the game threads on my account, though. Meanwhile, the Sunshine avatar got re-purposed for Kevin Correia - KC and the Sunshine Band, get it, get it? (Not unless you are over 40, probably.) It worked well in that role so I didn't want to change that. I also attached another internet meme, Allison Stokke
Name:  AllisonStokke_tc.jpg
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to Pedro Hernandez, who also did well with her as a good luck charm. (In addition to being pretty, Allison was a straight-A student in high school and got accepted at Berkeley, and set a freshman HS national record for the pole vault, prompting one wag to comment that she was the winner of the genetic lottery.) Yes, I added the tasteful TC artwork to her uniform too. I have not succeeded in finding a suitably lucky avatar for Mike Pelfrey; I tried the Free Beer one, and here's a more recent example:
Name:  tcbear.jpg
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but it did not help past the 5th inning yesterday. Worley has had mixed success with this one of a Yoga-ist
Name:  bridge_fab-yoga-poses.jpg
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courtesy of Willihammer, but the Vanimal still gets the early-inning jitters so I may keep searching. I've tried this other t-shirt model for Scott Diamond
Name:  SnorgGirl2.jpg
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without resounding success for the pitcher (but plenty of positive feedback from other posters.) Oh, and here is another day-brightener who I tried as a good luck avatar but brought only bad luck (I think it was for Pelfrey again):
Name:  k-bigpic.jpg
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As for the bats, I have tried a change of pace for a "rally avatar" when the Twins need some runs in the late innings; I had high hopes for this one
Name:  ugly.jpeg
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but nothing materialized, and the following avatar was in place when Arcia hit a 3-run shot in the 9th
Click image for larger version. 

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but it was not enough for a win, and in a more recent game it was used again but Arcia languished in the on-deck circle when no one ahead of him reached, so the jury is still out. I used the one-and-only Don Mossi one game:
Name:  donmossi.jpg
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I think that mainly covers it. I still had an idea or two for future games, but aside from that the joke is pretty much played out and I am retiring it, particularly as it is about as offensive to some as if I used photos of minstrels.

But for people who want to see the Bad Idea girl in the future, well, she's blogged right here as an encore:
Name:  badidea_tc.jpg
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I do not however endorse this form of horndoggery.

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  1. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    kinda like ;Bastard Boy Floyd' one
  2. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    No idea whether BBF is the source for that hideously ugly photoshoop or if they just stole it fair and square like I did.
  3. diehardtwinsfan's Avatar
    love it.
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