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Axel Kohagen

Twins/Tigers (Games 22-24)

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Twins at Detroit

That Was Fast (Game 22)

If the Twins have to lose, maybe it’s best they lose quickly so we can all watch a nice movie before we head to bed for the evening.

When Kris Atteberry does the postgame report after a brutal Twins loss, it always sounds like the narration on a Civil War documentary. All they’re missing is a lonesome harmonica sound.

I don’t like it when Mauer isn’t hitting. It’s like adjusting to a world where the laws of physics aren’t in affect.

I did like it a lot better when Prince Fielder played for the National League. I enjoy cheering for the guy, but it’s a lot easier when he’s not spanking every pitcher in a Twins uniform.

I’m trying not to mention Mike Pelfrey. This is the best I can do.

Historically, this unremarkable baseball game only has significance as having been played on the day Jason Collins announced he is gay.

This will change baseball, and it should. And yet 90 feet will stay 90 feet and getting a hit will still feel so damned good, regardless of your age, gender, or who you love.

Don’t Get Comfy (Game 23)

Settled in to my usual spot on the couch after I got home from work. I set down my soda and snacks. My lovely Great Dane stayed curled up beside me. The sun shone through my front windows.

By the time I was ready for a beautiful baseball moment, the Twins got torpedoed in the bottom of the 5th and took all the fun out of my evening.

At least Mauer got a hit. Maybe life will get back to normal.

This Tigers team is really, really good. If we Twins fans got lucky enough to stumble into another “David and Goliath path to the playoffs” story (and this is mostly playing pretend here), they’d make for the perfect opponents.

Snow Joke (Game 24)

The snow flurries I watched flit through the air as I listened the Twins and the Tigers weren’t a joke, and I wasn’t laughing.

I’m feeling kinda Parmalee lately. His homer today definitely got my attention, and it must be stated that I’ll forgive anything on a batting average for a home run. For at least a week.

It’s a weakness.

It should be noted Cory Provus calls as good of a “foul ball to the booth” as he does a baseball game. When the ball came after the Twins radio crew in their booth, it sounded like shrapnel from a WWII film. Danny Gladden made the play and lost his watch. Provus narrated the search for the missing timepiece.

The Twins take this last game to maintain their status as Champion Break-Eveners. .500 never tasted so good.


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