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What Worly's demotion means for the Twins

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With the Twin not having a win in over week, it was obvious there was a need for change. The first change came earlier this week with the long over due demotion of Pedro Hernandez to AAA. Only to bring up a iffy pitcher in Samuel Deduno who excelled in the WBC, while allowing one too many walks per 9 innings.

The other change, came more as a surprise to me, coming yesterday on Wednesday, demoting Vance Worly to AAA. At first this move didn't make any sense, knowing that the Twins traded for this guy this past off-season, so they had to have had some faith in him, thinking he could excel in the American League. Going into the season I was thinking he was going to be the only reliable starter in the rotation, a side from Scott Diamond. Little did I know that it would be Kevin Correia being the next man up behind Scott Diamond.

So with Worly now in the minor leagues and a now open spot in the rotation, who will fill it? And more importantly what does his demotion mean for the Twins?

First off with the surprising move of promoting Samuel Deduno ,seemed to have closed the door for Kyle Gibson to get his Major League debut any time soon. And now it seems as if that door for his Major-League debut has opened once again. It looks like a no brainer -for me at least- for the Twins to promote Gibson now rather then later. Especially if they are going to be strict on that innings limit they put on him (120-130 innings) earlier this year. If Gibson is't going to get the call to the big leagues then it would either be P.J. Walters or Andrew Albers. Both pitcher well in AAA.

Now as for where does this leaves the Twins for till possible mid-June.

Well...in a word, desperate. Even more now. The Twins experiment with Worly has been put at a halt for now. Which makes the trade between the Twins and the Philles seem like a bust for both teams. Revere has been off to a slow start to the season. But it is a little to late to be saying that, after one-third of the season is over. So he has been under performing, if you will. As for the Twins, Worly and May are both now in the minors (May started in the AA this year, and a possible September call-up) and the Twins seem to find themselves in the same boat they found themselves in last year. In the bottom tier of ERA in the AL. In which they have to go the same route they went last year, where they brought up pitcher after pitcher. That just don't look ready to face a Major League hitter.

If Pelfry gives up one or possibly two more bad starts you could see him join Worly and Hernandez in AAA. Only to be replaced by Gibson, Walters, Alber, or even Devires if he is ready by then.

Anyway, it seems as if this year's rotation has only gotten a little better with Correia joining the team. But a sides from that, if Worly doesn't turn it around soon, the rotation will not be any better then last year's rotation. Putting not only the Front office but Gardenhire in in a rough position that could possibly only get worse by the minute. With the rotation continually getting worse.

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  1. AM.'s Avatar
    I don't know. How many starts before Correia is over 5 for the season?
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