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Axel Kohagen

Two Occurances in Wisconsin: Twins at Brewers (Games 47-48)

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Twins at Brewers

Wanting What Uecker’s Got (Game 47)

Twins found a win on their first game of the series in Milwaukee. I listened to the first inning on the radio and monitored the rest of the action on my phone. I only half believe giving up on a team hurts their chances of winning, but I absolutely know they won in spite of my pessimism today.

Listened to Bob Uecker call that first inning. Still weird to think about him having a stalker for all of those years. I guess, when you’re the voice of the official game of childhood dreams people come after you hoping to take more than their fair share.

I knew about Uecker from Mr. Belvedere before I knew about him from baseball. I used to look so much like the kid from that show they called me “Wesley” when I as in elementary school.

Man, I hated that.

I must not have used up all my superstition, because I’m starting to think Doumit does best when I’m not paying attention.

You know, like playing “Red Light, Green Light.”

From Four Up to Extra Innings (Game 48)

In the Age of Smartphones, time exists differently. It speeds up or slows down depending on when you check to see what updates have been brought to your device.

Because of this, in my world, the Twins went from having a 4-0 lead to being tied 4-4 in a matter of minutes, with no explanation. They choked between a celebratory tweet sent to my phone and the game coming back from commercial.

I don’t know if it’s better to take the disappointment all at once, or to let it sink in with each at bat pounding another nail into the coffin.

The late-innings ball wasn’t pretty, even a few steps removed and watching the plays as they happened on my computer. During this, the Twins Twitter account was in the process of what felt, to me, like recreating the annoyance of the wave on-line.

In the 14th inning the Twins pushed a run across and bedtime was in sight. Duensing shut the door and the Twins managed to win one in extra innings.

In under 24 hours, they face the same team at a different stadium.

It’s like they won’t have anything new to gossip about before the game.


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