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Update on 10 minor leaguers to watch

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In judging my ability to note appropriate "minor" minor leaguers to watch, the first update must address the fundamental question: are these guys still worthy of keeping an eye on. I think the answer for each is yes, though I am starting to be concerned about a couple of these guys. With that, here is the update:

Dereck Rodriguez (EST, E-Town or CR): Dereck is likely going to be in E-Town as soon as that season starts.

J.D. Williams (CR): J.D. is in a slump at the moment but he has had a strong season and given his attitude and charisma is likely to be given every opportunity in the Twins system. Expect that to mean Fort Myers pretty soon.

Dalton Hicks (CR): Hicks is really impressive. He is posting an OPS of .861 and will be deserving of a promotion to Fort Myers as well.

Michael Gonzales (FM): An injury has halted a good start to the 2013 season for Gonzales. He turns 25 in 11 days and is on the A+ DL. Not sure what else to say. Would be just off my top-60 prospects list.

Tom Stuifbergen (FM): Promoted to New Britain! The walks are incredibly low, but so are the strikeouts. If he can start getting more swings and misses, it would really help him. There is still a ways to go, but he's healthy. Think injury history similar to poor Nate Roberts, and you get the idea.

Daniel Ortiz (NB): Ortiz is hitting better than he ever has and it is after a promotion to New Britain this year. He will be on the 40-man roster after this season. Could also be worthy of a September call-up to help the Twins decide on some matters in the offseason (Parmelee and Willingham, if they are still around). .792 OPS.

A.J. Achter (NB): Achter has seen his walk rate balloon into the problematic realm, but the rest of his performance has been very good. He probably needs full seasoning at New Britain this year, for a chance to make the Twins next season.

Dakota Watts (NB): An injury has limited his time to just 10 innings. And it hasn't been good. It really is just up and down with Watts from year to year. He seems to be only strong in even numbered years, so we'll go with that for next season.

Bruce Pugh (NB): Totally ditto for Pugh. 17 innings, 12 walks and 12 strikeouts in AA after being demoted when he was terrible for Rochester. Hopefully he gets it worked out . . . for next year.

Andrew Albers (R): Albers is pitching his way towards a look with the Twins this year. His strikeout rate has actually improved in AAA this season and he has still kept the walks down fairly low. He gives up hits and can get smacked once in awhile, but he may be the best AAA option for promotion to the Twins not named Kyle Gibson.
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