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When will Gardy learn how to Manage a pitching staff

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I don't know about the rest of you Twin Fans but I am actually quite surprised at the success the Twins have had this year as I pretty much wrote off 2013 to rebuilding until the young guns are ready. However I can't sit back and not comment any longer about the inexcusable management of the starting pitching by Gardy. If you check the ERA for Twins pitching on and look at ERA's by pitch count you will see that from 61 to 75 pitches the Twins have an ERA of 3.43 which is 4th best in the AL. Fro 76 to 90 we are last in the AL at 5.57 and from 91 to 105 we are at 5.89 which is 2nd from the bottom. How many games do we have to give away before the starting pitching staff is given the quick hook. The starters get us into the 6th when the pitch count exceeds 75 and the wheels fall off. 11 games we have lost the lead after the 6th by leaving the starter in. Don't believe me check the stats. I know this taxes the relievers but right now if this make shift staff can give us a lead going into the 6th I like the chances with the relievers. Thanks for letting me vent.
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