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Winning Two Out Of Three: Future Prospects May Make the Difference

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The old adage is that a baseball season can be broken into three columns. All teams win one third of their games--even the lousyteams. All teams lose one third of their games--even the best teams. It is the other third that makes the difference.
The series with Washington is a perfect example. Minnesota took game one on the strength of their bullpen and a hot backup catcher/dh. The Nats blew out the Twins in game two. Then, in that all-important third game, our Twinkies lost by one run as the pesky Nats poked away at the lead. A 4-1 Twins advantage slowly went "pear-shaped" from 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, into a 4-5 final.
Can the prospects coming up, if they raise production at 2nd base (Rosario vs. Dozier), 3rd base (Sano vs. Escobar/Plouffe/Carroll), andcenter field (Can we already say Buxton vs. Hicks?) raise the Twins production to the point where they win two out of three? (NOTE: also posted as a response to the article "PROSPECTS ON THE MOVE" by Rick Nelson)


  1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I would hope that a future outfield contains Buxton and Hicks, but I do agree with the general sentiments here.
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