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1,000,000 Reasons

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ID:	4415You would think that when Twins Daily hits a milestone like one million views over a month, like we did yesterday, it would cause a lot of elation. And usually, you would be right.

But this time, it was a little overwhelming. Because while I forget details about the beginnings of blogging I still remember certain feelings vividly.

I remember the emptiness of hollering into the void. I remember the elation of finding an audience. I remember the backlash, the anger at cowardly throwaway attacks. The disbelief at shameful obstacles. The frustration. The hopelessness. The resignation.

For the better part of a decade, the naysayers had the louder voice. They used it to tell you that nobody will listen. That your passion is of no interest. That your voice belongs in your mothers basement.

To them I'll reply: 1,000,000.

One million times per month people want to read your thoughts. One million times per month, people want to read your research. One million times per month, people want to share your passion.

To me, that is a dream come true. To the naysayers, it is a fad or a lark or degredation. They are making the same mistake they made ten years ago: they underestimated you.

They didn't think you were passionate enough to find us, kind enough to share, civil enough to discuss, or talented enough to write. And you are all of those and there are millions of you and now we know this, can show this.

Which is a very long way of saying two words: Thank You. I don't pretend to know everyone's motivations for visiting Twins Daily, but whatever the reason, it feels like a miracle. Elation isn't enough.
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  1. dakotanative's Avatar
    John - congratulations to you and the Twins Daily team. Day-in and day-out one of the first places I check for the latest Twins news and opinions is Twins Daily. Before there was Twins Daily we had Twins Geek, Seth Speaks, Puckett's Pond, Aaron Gleeman's blog, etc. There were a few community boards that help fill the Twins news and opinion void, but the group of dedicated Twins fans who, on a daily basis, had the courage to post their opinions, research, analysis, etc. on the web, I and thousands of others owe a debt of gratitude. Thank you for teaming together to get this done. I had read over a year ago some pundit's (maybe ESPN?) view that the Minnesota Twins had the finest group of bloggers supporting their team and that there was no one close. Need I say more.
  2. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    dakotanative said it well.

    And from one who enjoys this website almost every day, thank you.
  3. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Congrates from mexico as well John Nad the rest of Twins Daily
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