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What? No Ron Gardenhire?

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Interesting who Jim Leyland DIDN'T pick to be on his 2013 American League All-Star Team Staff. Actions speak louder than words? After all that verbal love he gives Gardenhire, I guess he knows when to let a guy go that can't get the job done.

Bochy, Leyland Announce 2013 All-Star Staffs | MLB.com: News


  1. howieramone's Avatar
    What in the world are you talking about?
  2. orangevening's Avatar
    why WOULD he pick Gardy? 2 90+ loss season does not spell worthy
  3. Pius Jefferson's Avatar
    Dumbest thread ever.
  4. gil4's Avatar
    He's saving the announcement for when he names Pelfrey as the AL starting pitcher
  5. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pius Jefferson
    Dumbest thread ever.
    It becomes an actual thread only when there are a few responses.
  6. h2oface's Avatar
    Why would he pick Gardenhire? Personally, I agree totally. The interesting part, to me, in my dumbest thread ever?, is that fans are constantly reminded how much Leyland says he respects Gardenhire, in print and in video, and the clip about Leyland picking Gardenhire to be on the all-star staff the last time he was in this position was even played again in the last series against Detroit. The "machine" and propaganda promote this to defend the fact that Gardenhire is still the manager of the Twins. The fact that he has had two consecutive 95+ losing seasons has not seemed to bother the Twins front office. This is unprecedented for him to still be at the helm after the last two seasons. Leyland has no criteria to follow in his choices for these positions as his staff for the all-star game. It is totally his choice. Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura and Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons were picked. Not Oakland's Bob Melvin, or Texas' Ron Washington, or the Yankees' Joe Girardi, or Baltimore's Buck Showalter. As these were all playoff teams from 2012, one could argue that they are all the deserving ones if it was about the team's records and performance. The White Sox and Blue Jays don't fit in that type of equation last year, nor are they ripping it up this year. Personally, what Melvin has and is accomplishing in Oakland and what Buck Showalter has done for the Orioles, one could argue that they are the ones who deserved the nod. The fact that Leyland's pick has nothing to do with any of that, and that he picked who he "likes", why not Gardenhire? He always says Gardenhire is such an amazing baseball mind. But not this time. So where Leyland acted, the Twins did not. I found that ......... interesting...... and appropriate.
  7. old nurse's Avatar
    Because Leyland is allowed to have more than one friend, more than one person he respects
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