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Why is Buxton still in CR?

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I wasn't upset last week when Buxton wasn't promoted because I thought it made sense. The Kernels hadn't clinched until the middle of the week and then when they did it was too late. Fort Myers was off all weekend for the Florida St All Star Game. Why would you promote somebody so they could sit around all weekend. Then when you had to wait till Monday you might as well as let him play in the all star game. I kept waiting all day yesterday to hear news about the promotion. Still waiting. There is no reason now for Buxton to still be in CR. He is leading or second in the Midwest in most offensive categories. I usually give Terry the benefit of the doubt and I try not to be a shrieking violet like too many on this website but I really think they are being too conservative here. Buxton, Hicks, Williams and Polanco all should be on their way to Fort Myers right now. The Kernels now have 4 outfielders for 3 spots in Walker, Williams, Buxton and Kepler. Well played Twins, well played.
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  1. Supfin99's Avatar
    Let me say something about Gibson so people don't think I just blindly think everyone should be promoted. I actually have no problem with Gibson not being promoted. In fact if he doesn't see Target Field this year I am fine. I have always struggeld with what to do with him this year. It blows using a year of control to get a limited amount of innings. We are at the point now that if you do send him up that's fine. He will still have 6 full years.
  2. IdahoPilgrim's Avatar
    Per Seth, according to FO it's coming. Soon.
  3. howieramone's Avatar
    What's a week or so?
  4. KernelsGuy1's Avatar
    Kernels actually have 5 outfielders right now, including Jeremias Pineda. I'm guessing there will be some roster movement again before next home stand (Tuesday afternoon).
  5. Red Bull's Avatar
    I was wondering the same thing, they gotta move him up now!
  6. AScheib50's Avatar
    I think everyone needs to cool their jets on this one. It will happen. A few days aren't hurting him. Also, I don't know about calling up all the guys you mentioned. They still need to field a team in Cedar Rapids. I could see Hicks getting promoted and Rory Rhodes taking his place. I would probably let Polanco stay at CR for now though.
  7. clutterheart's Avatar
    Agree with you on Buxton and Polanco. There should be no reason Levi Michael is blocking Polanco.
  8. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    It will happen very soon. There are some logistical issues with E-Town just starting and whatnot. I don't think Buxton is the only move from CR. (Hicks, Walker, and Williams).
  9. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    With regard to Polanco, I am fine with this until the last 3-4 weeks of the season. I would then promote him to Fort Myers to give him a taste of it before next season begins. Same for Goodrum.
  10. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Given that A- to A+ and A+ to AA are the biggest jumps, I would always like to get players' feet wet in the season before they start there. Always.
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