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Dakota Watts

Spring Training Near - Dakota Watts

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Well everyone Spring Training is finally upon us! With only a few days to go, I sit back and critique myself. Did I prepare to my fullest ability? Did I out-work everyone else when there was nobody looking? Could I have done more?

These are all questions that run through anybody that did prepare. There may be a sense of panic for the guys that didnít. Overall, there is a great excitement to get the ball rolling this year.

With report date tomorrow, Iím looking forward to seeing all my past teammates, along with future ones. All will check in to the team hotel. (A side note to those who do not know, yes, they actually put the entire minor league group in the same ďTeam HotelĒ which always makes for some great late night card games!)

Although it is a packed hotel, it does allow us to get to see each other before and after each day at the park. It is always great to see the guys the night before our actual start date because itís a good measuring stick to see their physical appearances compared to your own after a long off season lay off.

This year I feel bigger, stronger, and faster than ever which gives me confidence before day one ever occurs. Like any ballplayer, playing this game especially at this level, you have big hopes, dreams, and goals. My goals are set for this season already.

As a guy that comes down early every year itís been a great close to my off season. Getting to enjoy the Florida sun while throwing and conditioning everyday at the complex is great. It is definitely a great thing that we get to do, plus throughout about a month before we start, some big leagues guys such as Mauer come down (and work out with us). It is awesome to get a chance to see someone like that go about their daily routine.

All in all, I am super excited for this spring training. After a not-so-good last year, I feel an obligation to myself to prove that I belong and can play at any level.

With that said, I will check in again to update you all on how things are going. Thanks again for tuning in.

Dakota Watts signing out!

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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Wishing you the best this season. Thanks for blogging here. It is a great idea, and you are already living up to it.
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