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Don't Feed the Greed? What does that mean...

Watching Worley Today

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Hi all,

Our family trip continues. On Friday night we watched Mark Buehrle shut out the Twins at Rogers Centre. The highlight? Justin Morneau once again came and signed for my 10 year old son. I've got an old 2006 "Team Canada" Morneau jersey that always seems to bring him over for a visit. Lots of stories shared over the first base line over the years, and someday I'll blog about him. I asked if he's coming back next year, and he beamed, "I hope so." He signed a few more autographs, and then mentioned it again, "I hope to be back next year!" Then he ran to the dugout for the twin anthems.

We picked the wrong game to attend, alas, as Pelfrey managed to miss the Toronto bats on Saturday. We went to the Royal Ontario Museum and looked at dinosaur bones instead... The top of the Jays order went something like 0-16 against Pelfrey.

As for Friday's game, the highlight was watching the roof open... The first inning looked promising, but then Correia gave up his standard home run per nine innings pitched, managed to walk the #7 & #8 hitters to start the 4th inning, and then the #9 hitter bunted them into scoring position. Unlike Pelfrey, Correia couldn't miss Toronto's top bats. The next four batters went double, single, flyout to Dozier, and another double before Rasmus finally grounded out, Dozier to Morneau, to staunch the bleeding.

Oh well, now, onto Rochester to see Worley pitch. Should be interesting...
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  1. jorgenswest's Avatar
    I saw his line, but how did he look? How was his velocity on the fastball? His velocity this year was a drop from 2010-2011 where it sat 90-92 as opposed to 88-90. It would be a good sign if his velocity is returning to the level previous to the 2012 arm trouble.
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