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Can the Twins' "new" utility infielder be an old one?

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We have heard rumors that the Twins might be shopping "outside the organization" for a utility infielder after the demotion of Nishioka.

These rumors have just started a couple days ago, and are fairly interesting. If I had to venture a guess, the Twins will not have to search far to find a utility infielder and the "new" utility infielder would not even need to move far to join the Twins' camp in Spring Training. The writing in the wall is almost getting clear:

Looking across the street in the other Fort Myers' spring training team, it looks like MikeAvila, Jose Inglesias and Pedro Ciriaco are ahead of our old friend Nick Punto for the 3 Red Sox vacancies of starting short stop and potential bench spots.

Is there a reunion of the Twins with Nick Punto in the cards? Only time will tell, but I do not discount the possibility...
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  1. Neinstein's Avatar
    wouldn't that be interesting..
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    Do the math...
  3. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    This is just ridiculous. This team has no business bringing in someone like that. Hollimon and Florimon are here and Nick Punto would also take away from Brian Dozier's career at this point.
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