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Don't Feed the Greed? What does that mean...

Jered Weaver vs. Career Minor League Players...

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Not a chance...

Well, Mike Pelfrey gave the Twins a chance today, as their most seasoned hitter was on paternity leave, but c'mon, can't we at least field a major league roster?

It's fun to see two or three position prospects try to make a major league roster. Aaron Hicks, Chris Hermann and perhaps Pedro Florimon fit the prospect label. But Doug Bernier, Clete Thomas and Chris Colabello hardly fit the prospect mold.

Here's a chart showing the disparity of minor league versus major league at-bats among six of the Twins players that Ron Gardenhire penciled into today's starting lineup:

Player milb at-bats mlb at-bats
Clete Thomas 2743 549
Doug Bernier 3187 9
Chris Colabello 3024 (818 affiliated) 34
Chris Herrmann 1753 40
Aaron Hicks 1783 256
Pedro Florimon 2556 395
totals 15,046 1,283

The old adage is that it takes about 2000 major league at-bats, or about 4,000 (mlb & milb) professional at-bats to round out a seasoned hitter. Today's lineup had six hitters with 1283 COMBINED major league at-bats. At 4603 at-bats, Justin Morneau has three and a half times as many at-bats as those six combined.

That's not just fielding a young team of hot prospects. That's not just throwing in the towel, a baby blanket--or two for the twins. That's waiving the gray-haired flag. A Weaver two-hitter, facing this Twins lineup, is no wonder.
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