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Trending up is Mike Pelfry

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On May 31rst, Mike Pelfry started the day with a 6.85 Era. On that day he gave up 3 runs in 5.33 innings. Not very promising but it was better than what we were getting out of him. Back then we were clamoring for him to get demoted or designated for assignment. Including that start and everything else since then through today, he has averaged right at 6 innings per start with an era of 3.47. His peripherals have improved too as he has 31 k's in 49.33 innings and he has issued 13 walks with 4 of them on May 31rst the day he turned the corner and has allowed only 48 hits since. I think that makes his WHIP 1.24. That's very solid production for a number 3 starter and what we were hoping for when we signed him.

The question now is do we try to sign him this offseason to an extension if he continues to pitch like this or do we trade him and see if we can get a C+/ B- prospect for him with one more solid start. Pelfry does have ties to this area as he grew up in Wichita and would probably be interested in staying here. What could we expect in a trade for Pelfry? and Should we trade him? and what could he expect for his next contract if he continues to pitch like this?
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  1. stringer bell's Avatar
    I have said for a while that Pelfrey has me interested because he does have good velocity. The immediate future for starting pitchers for the Twins (2013-2014) is filled with question marks. If the Twins can ink Pelf for decent money, they should do it. He isn't an ace, but he seems to project in the middle of a competitive rotation.
  2. Otwins's Avatar
    I agree the twins should try and extend Pelfrey for two-three years. We need a couple of these type of signings. Pelfrey has stated a few times how much he enjoys the smaller media market as opposed to New York. Sign him up.
  3. Ozziedavisfan's Avatar
    as for extending he's a boras client so boras will probably declare he's the sandy kofax coming of a injury and want 3y/50 Im only sort of kidding.
  4. VandyTwinsFan's Avatar
    I just wanted to post here to try and bring this thread to the front a little more. It is interesting to see the questions of the previous season, how the fans feel about it, how it's turned out (so far), and how we feel it about it now.

    Personally, I don't feel too bad about resigning him. I'm looking forward to seeing how he pitches in ST. The guy seems like a Glue Guy in the dugout and a very hard worker. One can only hope that his work ethic motivates some other players and it translates to the field for the enjoyment of the fans. Plus, he wants to be here. He's proud to be here. Maybe he fosters some team spirit.
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