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Twins Arizona Fall League Roster

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Regular season ends in a month and AFL Rosters will be announced. Who would you send?
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  1. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Certain foriegn players are "protected" and can't play in the league. Not sure which players are protected? Each team gets 7 spots and a Taxi Squad of players. Must be at AA or above - with 2 exemptions below AA.

    My List of 7 Twins Players
    P Alex Wimmers (needs the work) AA
    P Luke Bard (A+ / AA)
    I would add several pitchers (2012 draft arms) on the Taxi Squad as extras in case innings get too high for above players. Wouldn't mind seeing Tomshaw as well to see what he really has.

    1B Kenny Vargas (possible protected?) AA
    2B Eddie Rosario (possible protected?) AA or James Beresford AAA

    3B Miguel Sano (possible protected?) AA or C Kyle Knudson AA
    RF Adam Brett Walker (A) or Mike Kvasnicka (A+)
    CF Byron Buxton (A+) or LF JD Williams (A+)

    I would pay to see this lineup together just once. It would give a glimpse of the future for the Twins fans for at least one month . They could get to know each other as well on a personal level.
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  2. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    "Most are Double-A and Triple-A Minor League players.[1] Each club can opt to send two players below Double-A. Foreign players are allowed, as long as the player is not on his native country's primary protected player list."

    Have to assume that Vargas, Rosario and Sano are on those primary protected lists as they played for their big teams in winter ball.

    Mike Berardino tweeted to me last night that players on the DL after some date in mid-July are also ineligible. That would mean no for Wimmers and also Alex Meyer, if true.
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