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Hang With the Majors: Who ARE you?

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Hang with the Majors is an event put on by the Minnesota Twins Wives Organization to benefit the Military Family Foundation. Fans can pay to have dinner with players and later the event opens to the public for player bartending, autographs, photos and auctions.

So I jokingly tweeted before the event that because I no longer recognized anyone, I was just going to approach any tall muscular men I saw at Toby Keith’s and assume they were one of the Twins. This joke ended up basically being reality. There were a lot of jean and plaid button down shirt wearing men (I’m pretty sure Josh Willingham was the wardrobe coordinator) behind the bar that were obviously someone but I was at a loss. Thankfully, my friend Cindy pulled out her Twins yearbook so we could discreetly (not discreetly) attempt to compare their faces to the photos of them playing. We drew the line at asking them to pretend to throw a baseball so we could better identify their pitching faces.

I decided to purchase a small wooden bat to have players sign. Last year I bought a picture of baseballs and ended up asking Anthony Swarzak to “sign my balls.” That was an awkward moment. This year one of my friends thought of inappropriate things I could say while handing my bat to players and although I’m a super immature person, I managed to hold back. The players were so ridiculously nice that I’m kind of glad that for once I didn’t make things more embarrassing than they needed to be.

All of the athletes and their wives were genuinely appreciative of the fan support and were quick to make sure that everyone was having a good time. The stand outs were Brian Dozier and Glen Perkins, who stuck around and carried on real conversations with us beyond what is expected at a player appearance. Glen even joked about the game where he was pitching with his fly down and told us how embarrassed he was about it. He was just as funny and sarcastic as you would expect from his twitter account. Dozier was a total southern gentleman, and was the first to notice that we were sitting there without drinks in our hands. He definitely gained some new fans that night.

The guys had just come off of their series loss to the Royals of all people, and although they were clearly having a good time, I didn’t get the sense that they were alright with losing. A drunk guy approached Kyle Gibson, and once he finally realized he was a Twins player, which was hilarious, told him “you guys need to start winning!” Kyle responded with passion “We’re not trying to lose!” which, duh, but it was good to see that there still is some heart left on the team.

Overall, Hang with the Majors was another huge success. The Twins Wives Organization always does an amazing job of creating an experience that’s fun and available to everyone. My roommate and I were able to get Morneau and Willingham autographs for $5 apiece. How often can you say that? The auctions also raised a large amount of money with big ticket items like game suites and autographed baseballs and guitars. Even though this baseball season has been more painful than not, I think the Twins are one of the best professional sports organizations in regards to player accessibility. Can’t wait until next year!

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