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Player Development question for Discussion

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Miguel Sano has been tearing it up in AA the last few weeks as he has raised is average from .180ish to .243 as of today and his OPS has increased 100 points or so too. His power in AA has been constant where he slumped initially on arriving but hitting for average the last several weeks. I doubt he gets called up to the Twins this season as he doesn't need to be added to the 40 man roster. However, Rochester is in a playoff race while New Britain is not. Would it be better for Sano to finish the season in AA or compete for and possibly in the playoffs in AAA? Why or why not?
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  1. Brandon's Avatar
    I probably should have added Rosario to that question too as he has been consistent all year.
  2. Blackjack's Avatar
    I think it would be better to leave him in AA, have some success, and build up his confidence for next year. He struggled intially in AA and would probably do the same in AAA, better to finish the year on a strong note in AA.
  3. Badsmerf's Avatar
    Let him stay in AA for the rest of the year. Allow adjustments to happen and try to finish the season strong. Depending on how Plouffe finishes the season, I could see him pushing (not actually making) for the 3b spot in 2014. If Plouffe fails he could be up as soon as May, if Plouffe performs the Twins will have a nice problem of a MLB star that is ready and a competent starter blocking him. He's still going to be getting to the MLB very quickly so allowing a nice adjustment period while advancing is perfectly acceptable.
  4. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Yeah, Deibinson Romero is playing well for Rochester at this point, so you wouldn't want to mess that up. I agree with those above that point out the adjustment period, and for him to go through that in the AAA playoffs isn't fair to him or his teammates. Of course, he could come up and mash, but no need. Now, Rosario, it might make more sense, though James Beresford has done a very nice job for the Red Wings too.
  5. beckmt's Avatar
    Let Sano finish in AA. Then start him next year in AAA and see how he does. That will determine when he comes up. Rosario about the same, though he has been consistant in AA and may have a chance to start next year in the major leagues. Dozier is doing better so he will probably start in AAA next year.
  6. DJL44's Avatar
    Leave him in AA but bump him up to AAA if they need an extra player for the pennant race. Same for anyone else in AA at this point in the season (Rosario, Meyer, May, Santana, Ortiz, etc). There is less than a month left in the minor league season.

    The only player on the 40 man roster who hasn't been with the Twins yet that merits a Sept callup is Josmil Pinto. Gardy would love having four catchers on the roster.
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