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Axel Kohagen

Broad Shoulders Hit Long Homers (Twins at White Sox (112-115)

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A Grand Slam is Always Something (Twins 7 White Sox 5 -- Game 112)

Even in a losing a season, a grand slam is something special. The Twins won the game, but even if they hadnít, Morneauís grand slam would have been something special. On the second to last pitch of a formerly 20-0 game, a grand slam is still special.

Morneau hit two home runs in this game. I guess when you have to strain to see where youíll be next year, youíre focused well past the skyline. And then you send the baseballs out of the ballpark in that direction.

Spinning a Little Fiction (Twins 3 White Sox 2 Ė Game 113)

Every run of this game was scored from a solo shot home run. It gave the Twins Twitter update folks a lot to crow about.

Iíve invented my own version of the game. Iím positive itís completely false, and Iím sure even a cursory look at the box score would disprove the tale Iím about to tell. Thing is, some stories are too important for me to worry about the truth.

I like to think the Twins and White Sox talked during the first game, on the basepaths and between innings. I like to think they were sick of the grind of losing seasons and playing two games in a day.

I like to think they made a pact.

Every player would swing like mad, putting every bit of body mass from toe to head into it. Pitchers gave it everything they had, too. The only goal was swatting all those red stitches out of the ballpark.

Five solo home runs.

I like to pretend this would happen because this is how little boys would solve the problem. Sometimes, itís nice to remember the spirit of sandlot boys lives in major league baseball.

Music Is My Life (Twins 4 White Sox 5 Ė Game 114)

I took advantage of a quiet night to listen to some albums Iíd put onto my iPod but never really given the time of day to. In between revelations and disappointments, I took the time monitor a Twins game that was pretty much what a person would expect.

Note: I still mentally categorize music by album, not on a song by song basis. The mp3 age may have made album guys like me dinosaurs, but Iíll always take my songs in themed bunches. Comparatively speaking, this makes me the equivalent of a baseball fan who hates fantasy baseball.

Twins won the battle for my attention but lost the war. There was a wisp of hope in the ninth, but it didnít amount to anything. I have to say the phrase ďAddison Read replaces Donnie VealĒ inspires pure baseball delight, doesnít it? It just sounds basebally.

Morneau and Arcia shared home run glories again, their careers in sync until school lets out for the winter. I hope the fall fireworks keep coming.

Wake Up Cheering (Twins 5 White Sox 2 Ė Game 115)

Iíve reached a point in my life where I require a Sunday nap. If this nap doesnít happen, someone will pay for it later. I sometimes pretend I might skip this nap, but my wife and I both know Iím lying.

This nap ended with a nice, soft breeze and a quick check of the cell phone. No score. I busied myself with getting awake and ready.

When I came back to the phone, the Twins woke up as well. Two home runs, five runs, and I was wide awake. Three out of four is better than ďainít bad,Ē so take that, Meatloaf. The Twins will leave U.S. Cellular behind to a team thatís doing far, far worse.

Considering how rough it is for the South Siders, I canít be mad they got two solo homers at the end of the ninth. You canít over-salt scorched earth.


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