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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Watching the long ball is something I am not used to in my life

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I only know the "Twins Way". The Twins way in my lifetime has pretty much been this:

Solid pitching, pitch to contact guys, throw strikes, eliminate the free pass.

Solid defense, the Twins more the most part of the last 20 years has been very solid, and preached.

Sac/bunting guys over, taking the extra base, hit and run. "Piranha" "Domeball". Doing so requires guys good with the bats, hitting with RISP.

The last 5 games for the Minnesota Twins, the Twins have scored 22 runs, 22 of those runs have come from HR. I don't remember ever seeing anything like this, ever for the Twins. Yes I know it is a small sample size, and that is not the point I am going to be making. The Twins are batting .241 (26th) this year, with a .385 (22nd) SLG%. The last 14 days the Twins have a SLG% of .414 (10th) .227 (26th) batting avg. What a difference SLG% makes in winning baseball games.

Of course I don't expect the Twins to continue this long ball surge, but isn't it fun having guys that have an opportunity to hit the ball out of the park. Dozier in the leadoff spot hitting for more than just avg. Morneau finding his groove back, Willingham is turning into an Adam Dunn, but Dunn hits over 30 HR a year. If Plouffe can find it, he always has a chance, then Arcia is just fun to watch. Last 30 days the Twins have 5 guys that have .422 or larger SLG%. Arcia, Dozier, Morneau, Colabello, Mauer, all of these guys are going to be around for awhile. (I know Morneau may not be here, I hope he is though)

A lot of things get overlooked when guys are hitting the ball over the fence, I guarantee w/ losing 3/5 or 4/5 of those games I would just be so irate every game watching them squander leadoff doubles, 1st/3rd 1 out, leadoff walks and not ever scoring runs. The Twins have to hit the long ball right now to overlook how poorly they can score runs when high % chances get squandered over and over. Like everyone says in anything winning solves just about everything. If you look at the Twins lineup going forward into next year, and year after there is a chance to have "pop" in the lineup that I haven't seen in the years I have been alive, which is going to be a lot different than I am used to.

Storylines always come up in baseball, even though the Twins are 10 games under .500, there are reasons to watch the games, makes you look forward to competitiveness. In case you haven't noticed check out some of the teams the Twins have a chance to have a better record then.

Big Free Agent signings, Big market teams.

LA Angels
NY Mets
SF Giants

Would the Twins have won that many more games signing a big 2013 free agent? The answer is no. Did the Twins build the farm system this year? Yes. The fan base gets irritated when the Pohlads don't spend money to get better. Reality is the best teams right now have done it through the farm system. You take a chance when the chance presents itself to win a championship and those days could be coming if they continue to improve in each position. The Twins could be consistent, and have a chance in the upcoming seasons and you can only look forward to it. I look forward to watching the rest of the season w/ more storylines coming soon, Albers continuing his phenomenal start, Deduno's chances to make the rotation next year, Sano/Buxton getting a call, waiver deadline, Arcia, Dozier, Morneau. Go Twins!!
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