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Afraud, Steroids wrecked my generational great players.

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So, PED's is the hot button in baseball right now, and I finally had to have an opinion on this. I think I am becoming more opinionated now than ever. I think Bud Selig did the best job he could ever do turning his head to the use of steroids in baseball that you could ever do. First thought was during the Sosa, McGwire years baseball didn't even test for PED's, HGH, and steroids. Why am I to blame these guys for using something that wasn't illegal in baseball? Was what they used illegal by law to take? I didn't really know the details of what they took, and it seemed that they found a way in there diet to have something that really helped performance on the field. I am not going to lie, during the Bonds, McGwire, Sosa HR races I was glued to watching the AB's. I remember ESPN having live lookins all the time for every AB during the summer. This was a fun time to be a fan of MLB!! Bud Selig had to have been just printing money for MLB at that time, and that time brought the salaries that MLB is bringing on today.

On to today. Monkey see Monkey do, right? Can I blame MLB players to copy what they seen in performance enhancing? No, Especially if it was legal. Who is to blame for the root cause of all of this, your commissioner of baseball Bud Selig. He benefited big time from the spike he saw in ratings in MLB. He saw baseball rise in all of attendance and TV deals. He is the godsend of what baseball needed. Here is what I don't understand and I don't think I ever will. What exactly are Performance Enhancing Drugs? What exactly does Human Growth Hormones do, and is it legal to take? Have they been legal to take in MLB?

I have 2 opinions on the last 2 questions. If someone took PED's and they were on a banned substance list for MLB, at this point I think that those stats for the years that they were found guilty of taking those drugs should be eliminated, including MVP awards. I think it would be very difficult to eliminate stats that they weren't found guilty of taking them, I am not sure that would be entirely fair. I am still curious about HGH. My opinion is the same, if it was a banned substance, the stats should be eliminated as well as any MVP or award they would have won in those years. I think if someone took an illegal substance that is illegal by law, there is not much you can do about that. Think about this, if someone smokes weed, which is an illegal substance, are we going to take those stats away? No. I am sorry; Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Clemens, and the list goes on, but I think there stats need an asterisk at this point.

Yes I was a big Canseco, Frank Thomas, Griffey Jr. fan. Huge, I have baseball card after baseball card of those 3 guys. Unfortunately they won't be worth anything because Canseco wrecked it for me. Canseco, one of my favorite players, having posters in my room, all of the Canseco rookie cards, going to the games that the Twins played the A's, rolled into all of the PED's and he wrote the story for the ridiculous stats of Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa. Look at Griffey and Thomas's stats, when you take out all the PED guys. Griffey was one of the best baseball players of my generation and he gets overlooked by these fat heads based on steroids.

Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and the rest of the players that are going to get nailed in this BioGenesis case, they are still going to get there money. I have never liked "AFraud". I have never liked the Yankees, truth is the Twins, and the rest of the AL EAST may have something to say watching AFraud climb the ranks of baseballs all time hr leaders. He sat there in Yankee stadium hitting HR after HR, collecting a huge contract so the Yankee fans can watch him beat the all time HR record in NY.

Barry Bonds (22) 762 L HR Log
Hank Aaron+ (23) 755 R HR Log
Babe Ruth+ (22) 714 L HR Log
Willie Mays+ (22) 660 R HR Log
Alex Rodriguez (19, 37) 647 R HR Log
Ken Griffey (22) 630 L HR Log
Jim Thome (22) 612 L HR Log
Sammy Sosa (18) 609 R HR Log
Frank Robinson+ (21) 586 R HR Log
Mark McGwire (16) 583 R HR Log
Harmon Killebrew+ (22) 573 R HR Log
Rafael Palmeiro (20) 569 L HR Log
Reggie Jackson+ (21) 563 L HR Log
Manny Ramirez (19, 41) 555 R HR Log
Mike Schmidt+ (18) 548 R HR Log
Mickey Mantle+ (18) 536 B HR Log
Jimmie Foxx+ (20) 534 R HR Log
Willie McCovey+ (22) 521 L HR Log
Frank Thomas (19) 521 R HR Log
Ted Williams+ (19) 521 L HR Log

Here is the all time HR leaders, IMO, these are the All Time HR leaders
2. Hank Aaron+ (23) 755 R HR Log
3. Babe Ruth+ (22) 714 L HR Log
4. Willie Mays+ (22) 660 R HR Log
6. Ken Griffey (22) 630 L HR Log
7. Jim Thome (22) 612 L HR Log
9. Frank Robinson+ (21) 586 R HR Log
11. Harmon Killebrew+ (22) 573 R HR Log
13. Reggie Jackson+ (21) 563 L HR Log
15. Mike Schmidt+ (18) 548 R HR Log
16. Mickey Mantle+ (18) 536 B HR Log
17. Jimmie Foxx+ (20) 534 R HR Log
18. Willie McCovey+ (22) 521 L HR Log
Frank Thomas (19) 521 R HR Log
Ted Williams+ (19) 521 L HR Log

Ken Griffey Jr would by my generations All Time HR leader, which he was one of the all time greatest in fielding and batting. On top of this Griffey had to face pitchers like Clemens that were juicing, along with other pitchers that weren't caught juicing. Oh yeah, our Minnesota Twins faced
Afraud in the 2009, 2010 playoffs, I am not saying it was because of him that we lost, but he was a tough hitter to face in the middle of the Yankee lineup.

I think if I was a MLB player from single A to the big leagues I would feel cheated that these guys are making the big money being in the majors cheating their way there, while I was battling out the minors, barely making a living. Same thing if I was one of the best players in the league not taking PEDs, not making the 100 million $ contracts while all the cheaters are getting the fame and money.

I just started getting really frustrated about this entire ordeal with Ryan Braun. I feel duped by Ryan Braun, I actually thought he was clean, I guess when you feel duped you start getting worse feelings around the scenario. I really think Matt Kemp should get the MVP trophy if they can prove Braun was on PED's that year.

I am also frustrated that the Yankees are going to really work hard to get out of paying Afraud the rest of his money. Are the Yankees going to give back all the money they made from him as a cheater? Of course not, are the Yankees going to give back a WS championship, or the playoff money they were able to get making the playoffs so many years, of course not!!!! It is going to be a joke if they get out of paying Afraud, that money should get paid either to Afraud or a penalty against the Yankees. Since MLB doesn't have a cap, another Bud Selig problem, the Yankees are somehow going to get out of this scott free, and be able to have the open money to spend again. Bud Selig loves the Yankees, the Yankees love Bud Selig and MLB soo much due to the money that is made off of both, not inlcuding what Bud Selig gains having the Yankees a great team each year.

I have to go back to the root cause of all of this non sense, the short term sights of our MLB commissioner Bud Selig on the state of baseball. Instead of moving baseball in the right direction the right way, Selig took a different route and cheated so many players, kids, and fans and really wrecked a lot of my generation of baseball. I think it really sucks!!!!!!
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  1. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I'm right with you on the dismay and anger over PED use (especially in the 90s), and truth is we're all culpable: Selig and owners who let it go on, players who both partook and tolerated those who did, advertisers who built the home run into the only part of the game that mattered, fans who demanded homers first.

    Now things are different, owners, players, advertisers and fans are sick of it...and in the case of A-Rod, who pissed away all the goodwill he had as a young kid, there is a convenient and obvious symbol to hang it on. I never thought I'd be "pro" life time ban...but I'm ready. Boot him out of the game, bar the doors, and let him wallow in Pete Rose purgatory. [Selig hates him, players hate him, fans (even Yankees fans) hate him, I bet Nike and Pepsi could probably sue for endorsement money back...we're united, and if he's our pariah, so be it...then we can start fresh with a new generation: Trout, Harper, Machado, and *fingers crossed* Sano]
  2. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    It does suck. And it WILL be a blot on Selig's legacy. He is working to remove that dark mark but his term as baseball commissioner will always be judged by the PEDs mess.

    The only way to change the entire PEDs situation is with a culture change and I hope it is happening. I hope that the union failing to defend players in the Biogenesis mess is a reflection of player attitudes. I hope when we see players deriding Braun, they represent a majority of players (even if a silent majority). I hope that he (and others) are not immediately welcomed warmly after their suspensions. For me, they have to show that they have reformed -- and that means frequent tests that all come out clean.

    As for A-Rod, he has been irrelevant to my baseball watching for a long time. I just don't waste any energy on him.
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