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Grady's "The Twins Way"

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Ron Gardenhire should stay, although despised by some he deserves to stay. His methods, year in and year out, have proven to be effective in winning and ethics. The "Twin's Way" is what he calls it and for him it's defense and pitching that top his list in "The Twin's Way". And this year he has once again shown us "The Twin's Way.

Last year the Twins were one of the worst teams winning and defensive wise, having the 4th worst fielding percentage of .983 in the American League. And committing 111 errors, also 4th worst in the American League. Overall it was an ugly year for the Minnesota Twins and their fans.

Going into the 2013 season Gardinhire and the Twins had one common goal and that was to regain their mentality of "The Twins Way". Wanting to improve their pitching and defense in order to contend in the upcoming season.

After completing 4, and soon 5 months of the season it became clear what the Twins had improved on and what they hadn't improved on. Their pitching was always questioned from day 1 of the season over speculation that it was merely last years rotation but with new faces. Which turned out to be true as pitchers were moved from Minnesota to Rochester quite frequently. Only Correa and Pelfrey have stayed in the rotation the entire year. Meanwhile the bullpen has been one of the best in the league with an All-Star closer at the end of it. Oddly enough this bullpen was made of rule 5 picks, minor league overlooks and no free agent pickups. Making it a 100% pure-Twins bullpen.

The amount of games the Twins have won this year hasn't changed much either. As they started off much better, unlike in years past. But unfortunately the end result will ultimately stay the same. Having a losing record and failing to contend in the division. Breaking ours and Terry Ryan's heart.

But possibly the brightest spot in what seems like an endless dark tunnel, is the defense. Defense is more then just making those routine plays day in and day out, its making those plays that the average ball player wouldn't make. Such as robbing home runs (Aaron Hicks), leading the American League in Outfield assists with 33, diving to their right and left to stop what would singles (Brian Dozier and Pedro Florimon).

While making the routine play and exceptional plays all over the field, the Twins have earned themselves the 3rd best fielding percentage in the American League having it at .989. And only committing 49 errors this season, the 4th fewest among teams in the American League.

With the Twins having a little over a month left of another losing season some areas have improved such as their defense, through Pedro Florimon and Brian Dozier. While others have not, such as their pitching where no more then 2 starters have stayed with the major league club over the course of the season.

With what it is, "The Twins way" has improved in one ways of three. And as we know that the third piece (winning) cannot be completed without that ever-so rare pitching. Without that the Twins are merely a lost puppy in a world of German shepherds.

*all stats are from FanGraphs.com

*****~as seen on UpNorthBaseball.blogspot.com ~*****


  1. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    Thanks for posting. Make sure you include a link to your blog as well as the URL.

    I'll agree - I think the defense, particularly in the middle infield, is a lot better this year. It's nice to have that much in place.
  2. jun's Avatar
    I believe the Twins need a manager who could take the team to the next level. We all know it's not Gardenhire.
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