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Will the real Twins please stand up?

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This has been a strange year for the Twins. I don't know if most realize it but take a couple of horrendous stretches out that amount to about 3 weeks of games and the Twins are 8 games over .500. The Twins had a 10 game losing streak and another where they lost 11 out of 12. So which team are they closer to be being? The one that was gawd-awful for 3 weeks or the one that has been pretty decent about 85% of the time? If a hitter was batting .290 for the season but that was done by batting .250 for 130 games and a ridiculous hot stretch of hitting .500 for a month I know how guys like Aaron Gleeman would classify him. That he is a .250 hitter that had a very lucky stretch. So doesn't the reverse work for the Twins? What do you put more faith in? 140 games of a season where the Twins play at or above .500 or a horrendous and unlucky 22 games? Now I will qualify this by saying that I am not even sure how the Twins have managed to post a winnung record for most of the games playes this year. Their starting pitching has been for the most part, abysmal. Even during this homer binge they hitting with RISP has been brutal, as it has been all season. The clutch hitting has been the most frustrating part of the team for me this year. I expected the starting staff to be mediocre at best so it isn't a surprise. I actually thought the lineup would be pretty decent. But I don't even want to know how many times we have starnded a runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs or had the first 2 hitters get on and then to now move as the next 3 go K, pop up, K. The 2 things they have been really good at is the bullpen has been outstanding and the up the middle defense. Dozier and Floriman are probably the best combo defensively in the majors, which is shocking to write and Hicks for all his struggles made a lot of amazing plays. So which version is closer to the truth?
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  1. Thegrin's Avatar
    1 KC 1 game Won 0 of 1
    2-4 Hou 3 games Won 3 of 3
    5-7 KC 3 games Won 1 of 3
    9-11 Chi 3 games Won 3 of 4
    12-14 Cle 3 games Won 1 of 3

    The Twins 8 of 14 to start the month. If we win 8 more games this month, we have a good chance of winning 75 games or better.

    15-18 Chi 4 games
    20-22 Det 3 games
    23-25 Cle 3 games
    27-29 KC 3 games
    30-31 Tex 2 games
  2. howieramone's Avatar
    As Terry Ryan has said, this is a transition year. No idea how the last 40+ games are going to play out, but feel if the season started tomorrow, we would be in a much better position to compete. If the Twins were one of the many franchises with a gun to their head, they would have traded Sano and Buxton for major league ready starting pitching in an attempt to win as many games as possible this season.

    Completely agree with your comments on Dozier, Florimon, and Hicks. I would add Arcia, Gibson, Pressly, and Thielbar. I expect us to be close to .500 next season and adding Sano, Buxton, Rosario and Meyer during the year. The parade starts in 2015.

    The rebuild should allow us to dominate the Central as we have in the past. No idea if it goes beyond that, and realistically it probably hasn't been decided. That's the way I see it.
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar
    The Twins are wrapping up a stretch of 30 games which was the easiest stretch they'll get this year. They played all below .500 teams except for the Indians in that time. And they still didnt go on a hot streak, or not much of one. When was the last time they were within a half dozen games of .500?

    It hasn't been a dismal season, but they're still going to need to finish well to avoid a 90 loss season. And that seems about right to me - better than the reall ad teams, but not remotely a contender right now.
  4. jdotmcmahon's Avatar
    Agree with John...about a game better than their Pythag record right now thanks to good bullpen and .500 record in one-run games...otherwise, another lost season as most everyone expected.
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