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Don't Give in to Football

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Since high School Football is one week away, college football is two weeks away, and the NFL is three weeks This is perfect time to read this article.

I needed a book on tape for my summer travels from my local library. so I grabbed one called Why I Love This Game by Larry King. This was the legendary Larry King who far exceeded my expectations as a book author. He made have some help on the way but the book was still good because his passion of the game could easily be felt and he told some very entertaining stories.

He told a classic one about Brewers Legendary Broadcaster Bob Uecker. A scout of the Milwaulkee Braves offered Bob and his Family, " your son can play baseball for 5,000 dollars" To which Mr. Uecker responded, " Sir an american Family doesn't have that kind of money" Classic Uecker

Anyway whether to fill ink or further King's point about the passion for the game he included the legendary column by Thomas Boswell. Some are really his opinion but others are really hard to argue.

Also if you live under a rock I recommend you watch George Carlin
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