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Empty Seats in September

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It looks like Miguel Sano will be on a plane back to the Dominican Republic instead of a flight to Target Field in a few days. GM Terry Ryan said earlier today that Sano will not likely get the September call that so many Twins fans wanted badly. I have talked to a number Twins fans I know the past couple weeks and they all came up with the same answer to my question, "Whould you go to Target Field if Sano wasn't here in September?" Answer: NO!!!!!!!!
Thats just the people I talked to and by the number of tweets and facebook comments I've seen in the hours after the announcement that their are many more people joining the club. The Twins will have 17 home games in the month of September and if Sano got the call, that would get fans to go to the games even on sundays when the Vikings play and just watch the Vikes on their phones instead of at home. The call would have no doubt given the Twins sell-out crowds in all 17 of those home games to give fans a little glimpse of what to expect in the years to come.
Instead, there will be crowds of 15,000 (even though they will announce a crowd of 29,000 or so) at Target Field to wrap up another nightmare season. You will see nothing but empty seats when you watch the Twins on TV for the rest of the year. Oh wait, those same fans that tweeted and posted facebook comments also said that they wouldn't even watch the Twins. I wanted to see Sano up here just like everyone else and its a bummer, but I understand that Ryan and the Twins don't want to start the clock on Sano. Still, for a frustrated Twins Territory, all they want to know is when the time will come. Thats just my thought, let me know what you think.
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  1. howieramone's Avatar
    Last I looked attendance was averaging 31,000. I friend just offered me his seats in LCF for September. I really enjoy going to Target Field and can't wait to see the auditions the remainder of the season.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    If there are auditions. Cheap seats about to be available bigtime on StubHub. Yes, the Twins will average 27-29,000 the remainder of the year due to season ticket holders and such. But a lot of unclaimed seats, my friends. Also means loss concession revenue.

    Thje Twins have no 40-man spots to add guys. The only likey prospects are May (AFL), Hicks and Parmelee (will be punished by no recall), Hermsen (stunk up AA), Santana (too young), Pinto (will show up, at least, I hope). Tonkin will come on board. Maybe Diamond will return after playoffs. Maybe DeVries will get a shot. Hernandez and Mastro are up. Who am I leaving out? No one exciting, my friends.

    No 40-man spots to open up for anyone.
  3. howieramone's Avatar
    Hendriks,Tonkin, and Pinto are good enough for me. I don't believe Parmelee is being punished, nor did I buy the persistent argument he was being blocked. I wouldn't doubt the next time his name comes up he's DFA.
  4. TheLeviathan's Avatar
    The attendance issues probably won't be seen yet for two years. The Twins have been pretty successful pimping the All-Star game.

    It's after next season that I have some serious concerns about the team's season ticket holder levels going down dramatically unless we start winning.
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