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The Ed Wood of Baseball General Managers

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Okay, It may be going a bit far to compare Terry Ryan to Ed Wood. I must say, at least Ed Wood has eccentricities and a personality that makes him more interesting.

Terry Ryan is not as bad as a GM as Ed Wood is a movie director, but I think M. Night Shyamalan is a very good comparable.

M. Night Shyamalan’s movies from from 1999 to 2004 were great to acceptable – everything that he did afterward was a miserable train wreckage. From 2006-2013 he has served as a director/producer and his product went down the dog **** tunnel.

Terry Ryan had very good success from 2001 to 2006, and that can be directly put on his plate. Post 2006 Terry has overseen a 2007 failure, after which he resigned, and as a high end consultant (producer), he has been deeply involved in the successes of the 2008-2010 seasons, including the playoff mishaps. All of the teams he has overseen, strike 2002 have been post season failures. 2012-2013 has been his Lil’ dogey to wrangle and it could not have gone any worse than it has.

I will remember M. Night Shyamalan for the following:

  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Signs
  4. The Village

I will remember Terry Ryan for the following:

  1. 2002
  2. 2003
  3. 2004
  4. 2006

M. Night Shyamalan had some extraordinary movies – “Unbreakable” being his World Series victory.

Terry Ryan has had some extraordinary seasons he has overseen – but he never delivered us the ultimate victory. As a fan I often think back to 2006 and what could have been. It bums me out to this day

Post 2006, neither Shyamalan or Ryan have delivered anything of serious worth.

As a movie director and screenwriter, maybe M. Night can reclaim some of his old glory. It will take some work, but he is in his early 40’s. Time is on his side.

As a General Manager of a Major League baseball team, Terry Ryan is running out of time, he is 60ish, and seemingly clinging to an obsolete value of baseball – Old School Scouting and Low Budget Rosters. Metric analysis and accepting that money needs to be spent are his only visible saviors. Time is running out.

Is there an “Unbreakable” in Terry Ryan’s Future?

Is Ryan even competent to do this anymore in the ever changing business of Major League baseball?

Have the Pohlad Brothers, Inc. castrated Mr. Ryan from doing his duties in a modern way?

Is it the thrill of the hunt for Ryan to work in these primitive ways?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I am a baseball fan Tried and True. I have a baseball team down the river that clearly seems to do it the right way. My allegiance can be swayed and I figure after a plethora of failed attempts, anybody can be swayed.

The time is now to get this right. The Twins need their “Unbreakable”.
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  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I feel compelled to leave a comment primarily because I saw Unbreakable for the first time just yesterday.

    There have certainly been a number of moves that have been puzzling. Had Ryan said this was a rebuilding year I would be OK with that.

    He said he expected the Twins to be competitive this year. If he really believed that then we have serious issues in the FO. Almost no one here at TD really thought that. And we're just avid fans, not full time baseball people.

    If he never really believed it, well, I don't appreciate any more than anyone else being lied to. Which is it?

    And is either of those acceptable?
  2. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Is the 2013 team Ryan's "Glen or Glenda"?
  3. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I don't think TR's quite at Plan 9 From Outer Space or The Last Airbender levels yet; but I love making that the metaphorical premise of the conversation.

    I figure the declining performance of recent traded commodities is more responsible for the mediocre return than any GM accumen, give Ryan an up-and-comer to swap and we might still swindle somebody...I just don't think we have any body who is both up-and-coming AND easily given up.
  4. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn
    Is the 2013 team Ryan's "Glen or Glenda"?
    I'll let you know once the "2013 Twins" motion picture is over.
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