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Road Trip for Arizona Fall League?

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When the Twins announced their players being sent to the Arizona Fall League (AFL), John Bonnes made an off-hand comment about a Twins Daily road trip. Something of that magnitude might be a little fanciful, but I'm thinking about going and he and I agreed maybe a clearinghouse would be useful for those who plan to go, or are considering it.

The Twins players will be on the Glendale Desert Dogs. All the AFL games are in the Phoenix area. Our guys have games from October 8 to November 14; here is a link to the full schedule:


Team roster is here:

Major League Baseball | Winter Leagues | Arizona Fall League | MLB.com: Events

USAFChief lives somewhere in or around Tucson, a two-hour car ride away, and has offered a bit of interaction with anyone who makes the trip, but no rights or privileges for his barcalounger (ahem, "Ekornes Stressless, full leather", per Chief). I think one or two others spoke up expressing interest too.

Anybody with ideas about going, feel free to post a response here, and if some sort of critical mass begins to develop we can take it from there. At this point, I think any vague but possible idea of going is worth mentioning, without it being a commitment for now.

I am considering a trip there during the week of October 14, regardless of whether anyone else goes.
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  1. USAFChief's Avatar
    Follow up: I will be attending at least a couple games, most likely as a day trip up and back from Tucson. I haven't given much thought to when yet. If any TD regulars do attend, please let me know, and if possible ill arrange my trip(s) to correspond. If that appeals to you, of course...
  2. USAFChief's Avatar
    My plan as of now is to take in the game in Scottsdale on Friday the 18th, and the game in Glendale on Saturday the 19th.
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