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Axel Kohagen

The Death of a Disco Mustache (Twins at Rangers -- Games 133-135)

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We're Still Doing This? (Twins 3 Rangers 2 -- Game 133)

Forgot this was a solid win until a Rangers fan reminded me of it on Twitter. Close game against a great pitcher and a good team. Twins win.

I was more excited about another Morneau homer. Morneau may be Canadian, but his backstory makes him a real American hero. Brash but charming slugger finds early success, suffers a career- (and life-) threatening injury, and is just now getting to the part where the audience stands back on their feet. Rudy and all that.

Loss of a Load-Bearer (Twins 1 Rangers 2 -- Game 134)

Twins lost, 1-2. That's all that need be said about the game.

The real loss came when the Twins traded Morneau to the Pirates for puzzle pieces that can't be properly appraised yet.

I heard the news that day on a tweet from Aaron Gleeman. Gleeman's tweets and the Twins official tweets are both sent to my phone, but Gleeman's are usually faster and better. Of course, this means I also notice everything he ever tweets ever and risk getting blocked and banned by him, but I'm never behind on Twins news. Ever.

I'm happy to see Morneau back with "Let's Hear It for Franky" Liriano in Pittsburgh, but I'm going to miss him. He has perfected the ultimate baseball combo of having a chip on his shoulder and a smirk in the corner of his mouth.

I used to think maybe Trevor Plouffe was waiting in the wings to fill this role, but I don't think so now. The Twins have a long way to go to put some punch on this team again.

When they do, though, will they just trade it away?

No Twins Hat in the Mirror (Twins 4 Rangers 2 -- Game 135)

Without the promise of a post-season to entice me, there's no way the Twins game can keep me from a Sunday nap. Morneau trade compensation player Alex Presley had himself a nice game. Correia acquitted himself nicely. Twins win the series 2 to 3 and most Twins fans are probably still bloated on State Fair food.

I always thought of myself as the kind of Twins fan who was in it for thick and thin. Looking back on my recent posts, I'm a crappy fair-weather cheerleader who doesn't have the time of day for ballplayers who can't win to breaking even.

I doubt that'll change any time soon, but it's worth remembering the next time I think about cussing out those whiny, drama-starting Twitter personalities who know just what not to say, then say it. Evolutionarily speaking, we're not that far removed.


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