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What would it take (offseason moves) to get you interested in 2014?

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Since the front office will not use the language 'full rebuild'- let's take them at their word and approach offseason with dual purpose of setting us up with more depth for future while also fielding a more competitive team in 2014. While many postings are rightly talking up the minor league teams and speculating as to when/who will make impact, I'd like to know what realistic estimates would be for the following moves for 2014 as I believe this combination of trying to field a somewhat competitive team while building for future is right approach.

1) posting fee Masahiro Tanaka ($25mil?)
2) salary/yr to sign Tanaka ($10M/5yr?)
3) salary/yr and number of years Alexander Guerrero ($9M/4yr?)
4) salary/yrs to extend Pelfrey ($5M/2yr?)
5) salary/yrs to sign Maholm ($6M/2yr?)
4) flyer on Scott Baker (1.5M+inc/1yr?)
5) flyer on Johan Santana (1.5M+inc/1yr?)
How unrealistic is it to think the Twins might throw $25 as posting fee and $33 million to upgrade roster? 60% is to lock down SS and potential staff Ace into era of prospects rising. Am I high?

What are reasonable returns- hopefully pitching depth:
1) Dozier at winter meetings while value high
2) Willingham/Doumit at 2014 deadline assuming career average production through half season
? While I like where TR and the draft order benefit of sucking has taken our farm system, I am so ready to see the Twins take mentality of TRULY competing every year. Thoughts appreciated.
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  1. Rosterman's Avatar
    Anything that starts to put players on the field that will more than likely contribute in 2015 and 2016. Adding one or wo free agents for a couple of seasons ain't going to do it for me.

    Joel, former partial season ticket holder who hasn't graced Target Field for one game yet in 2013.
  2. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    Only one name from me. Jose Abreu
  3. Dainir's Avatar
    I really like the thought of adding an ace. The Twins definitely have the salary space to do so. Especially if the Twins trade Willingham and Doumit as I truly hope they do. By trading those two and adding in the Justin Morneau trade, the Twins will have roughly 25 million more in payroll available to sign others, and that will only get the Twins back to their current payroll.

    If I am the Twins I will be taking a nice hard look at Pinto this September. If he continues to tear it up as he has been, I think next year should be the year that Mauer makes the switch to first base while Pinto starts with Herrmann backing him up. This arrangement makes Doumit rather expendable.

    With the outfield, we will have Arcia coming ready to play. We will still have Presley, Mastroianni, and Thomas available to play the outfield. Hicks can still work things out and make an impact at the major league level next year as well, if not then, then soon. Add to the fact that Buxton is on his way, Willingham should be gone.

    We should start seeing our future players coming to Target Field next year as well, the only question is if it will be before September.

    I would also be excited to see a trade featuring Plouffe and Parmelee. We have serviceable third basemen to replace Plouffe until Sano shows up, and Parmelee doesn't seem to be an upgrade to anyone on the club right now. So send them away now as their value will only continue to drop.

    In these trades I want to see starting pitching, and not just any starting pitcher. Pitchers that will be ready to take the reigns as number 1 or 2 pitcher within the next two years.

    Those things would be enough to make me excited.
  4. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I would like Willingham and Doumit gone in the offseason so they don't continue to clog up the roster. Neither one is going to be around in 2015.

    I would like to see them sign Johan on principle. I would be completely shocked if he is able to return.

    Ervin Santana, Tim Lincecum, and Phil Hughes are the three I would consider.
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