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Competition for Plouffe/Spelling Mauer at 1B

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What about grabbing Mark Reynolds for a 1 year deal? Worked pretty well for Cleveland last year. It could both push Trevor until Sano is up and give Mauer some DH days/days off at 1st, plus be another non AAA bench option for Gardy.

What would it cost and would you do it?
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  1. DocBauer's Avatar
    Not going to lie, I've thought about Reynolds the past couple of seasons as a solid bat off the bench and with some real power. As well as a little versatility. But especially now, I'm going to vote no. And let me explain why.

    Plouffe has teased, shown real flashes, but hasn't hit a really consistent stride yet. Maybe he never will, but even if he never rounds in to the player we'd all like him to be, he still offers real value when Sano takes hold of 3B. Plouffe could still provide a good RH bat with power as a DH and back-up corner INF and OF, possibly even providing spot duty at 2B. A poorer man's version of Cuddyer at least? He is younger than Reynolds, has not only more positional flexibility, but, despite the flack of criticism he has taken, is not really that bad of a glove man. Better than Reynolds I'd say.

    I am really intrigued and in favor of Betemit, Chavez or Chad Tracy as a veteran alternative who can DH, PH, and back-up Mauer at 1B while also providing some platoon options at 3B. (I have stated all this before in other threads) These 3 provide a LH bat to counter Plouffe from the right side. Further, even when Sano takes control of 3B permanently, any of these still provide a legit option off the bench from the left side as valuable vets. I figure $2-3M should do it for any of the three, and we certainly have the financial flexibility for that.
  2. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Reynolds is an interesting player, and very useful in certain roles. But I agree with DocBauer - I don't see a fit. The Twins have too many benchy type guys right now. If he could play 3B a little better and was LHed, that would be one thing, but I don't see his role. Seems like a square peg in a round hole.
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