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Kirsten Brown

k-bro's Lame Spring Training Report: 2012 (Part 2)

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[continuation of Part 1]


Nice seats for the Blue Jays game.

This is the "Richard Simmons Burger": a cheeseburger topped with a bratwurst, a chicken breast, and bacon. Probably could have fed the whole row. $10.50

TC being TC.

Francisco Liriano pitching.

Joe Mauer batting.


Tony O working with Danny Valencia in the cage.

A gaggle of pitchers waiting their turns to do their pitchers' fielding practice drills.

I don't think Gardy liked what he saw.

The kids couldn't get any Twins' autographs, but they did get Andrew McCutchen from the Pirates.

And with that, I didn't take any pictures of the game on Thursday. It's just as well; it wasn't really worth the pixels.

The baseball was fun, but I have to admit that I enjoyed this just as much:

I miss it already.


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