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Axel Kohagen

The Great Blogsby (Twins versus Blue Jays - Games 139-141)

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The Mob Has Tweeted (Twins 5 Blue Jays 6 - Game 139)

This game paired up two pitchers I knew, in my gut, were going to become amazing. R.A. Dickey rose to the challenge. Mike Pelfrey must not have gotten that memo.

When your favorite team will only win prizes for participation, the only excitement left comes in sifting through the wreckage to find future stars.

We all know how this game works, even if we pretty it up with BS from time to time. You pick a player you believe is going to turn heads in 2014 and you proclaim their ascendency often, and in public.

Then, you wait. If the player biffs it, you take the hit. If not, you get to proclaim your baseball genius. Loudly. And in public.

I'm not trying to act superior here. My money's on Arcia.

All Snark on Deck (Twins 2 Blue Jays 11 - Game 140)

Aaron Gleeman made it to the deckstravaganza, but only barely. He had to strategize a path to the promised lands, jabbing with his Twitter account like it was the sweet science of boxing. With skill and clout, he made it to rooftop to watch the game and play with his phone (this can be proven with documented photographic evidence).

Gleeman rounded out the night by taking a picture with a fan, and he barely got into the deckstravaganza. Gleeman walks among the internet-dwelling baseball fans like a Prohibition-era gangster, and he barely got in.

I don't know, I'm starting to think I didn't make it because I didn't submit an application.

I'm not sure why Gleeman wasn't a given to the deskstravaganza, but I'd hate to be the person in charge of inviting us bloggy types a little closer to the action. After all, a lot of us have opinions, attitudes, and no qualms about being very public about anything and everything. In short, many of us are maniacs - and I dig it. A blogger with access loses a little bit of vinegar and a whole lot of piss.

The game the deckstravaganza crowd watched? 11-2 blowout. Can't win some days . . .

Hank Williams Jr. Interrupts this Message (Twins 0 Blue Jays 2 - Game 141)

Some Twitter folks were very proud to proclaim they were watching another loss instead of getting ready for some football. I wish them well, but I turned on network TV and got disappointed by a completely different Minnesotan team.

Just the night before, a friend of mine and I were lamenting the joyous, lively baseball conversations that lit up the internet when the Twins were winning. Now those friends are all turning to the Vikings, and it feels like hope and joy are endangered species back in the 'dome, too. Maybe the Vikings weren't ready for some football.

Maybe it really is Vince Lombardi's world, and winning is everything - even for the folks who aren't playing the game.


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