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Axel Kohagen

Angels with the Scabbed Wings (Twins versus Angels - Game 142)

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A Pop-In (Twins 6 Angels 3 - Game 142)

Make-up games fit perfectly into Minnesotan living. If we're not winterizing something we're complaining about the electric bill from running the AC. We're always paying down the interest on past due weather expenses, so our baseball team might as well, too.

Amidst summer's last hissy fit, the Twins came to play. They won 6-3 and kept Glen Perkins' status as The Last Twin With Something To Smile About intact.

Pinto seems kinda nifty, and Presley has me thinking there might've been some sense behind the Morneau trade. Meanwhile, Justin and Frankie L. are celebrating a season where Pittsburgh, for the first time in so long, won't have a losing season.

Back home, in the land of 10,000 lakes, we would do well to avoid recognizing that all losing streaks start with small numbers, and this will be our third losing season in a row.


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