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Hello World!

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It may not be a surprise, but the diaspora of Minnesotans into all stretches of the globe means that there's Twins fandom outside of Minnesota. It gets difficult to follow the team when you're out of the local media landscape; the national media does little more than mention the Twins in passing in lean years, and you need to dig further to find ways to watch your once local nine, either by the few sports bars that share your tortured fandom or by dishing out for MLB.tv.

There's a few advantages to that, of course. It's easier to tune out the echo chamber of local media when it means running out of free Star Tribune articles and clicking Twitter links. The so-called "homer" aspect of sports journalism is something you can avoid, either if it's an apologetic side or if it's a nitpicking critical aspect. In other words, you can watch the game and analyze it without being colored by everyone else's opinion.

That's what I want to do with my occasional posts here at Twins Daily. I want to look at how the Twins operate in the vacuum that living outside of Minnesota provides, to look at what their actions and moves look like in the national perspective -- hint: that perspective rarely exists -- and talk about what it means to be a fan away from home.

There's one additional thing that's nice about posting from Arizona. A certain conglomeration of hot prospects happens every October and November called the Arizona Fall League. This may be the best year for Twins fans to catch the future, with four prospects who should feature for the team in short order starring for the Glendale Desert Dogs. I'll be going to as many games as my schedule allows and posting recaps. I'm beyond excited to see future stars like Byron Buxton and Eddie Rosario in action, and it'll be a treat to get up close with these stars. If you've never been able to make a Fall League game, the intimate crowds and dirt cheap admission makes it one of the best pure baseball experiences you can find. I'll do my best to not only convey my reactions about the Twins players and top prospects across the majors, but also the unique atmosphere of these excellent games.


  1. clutterheart's Avatar
    'll be going to as many games as my schedule allows and posting recaps.
    Cool. Thanks
    Pictures and video are always enjoyed. If you see any scouts - they carry their own radar guns/stopwatches - try to pick their brains or sit next to them and copy their notes!
  2. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to this very much. Thanks for kicking this off.
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