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Who Stays and Who Goes

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In a year of ups and downs the Twins will, without question, finish in the bottom half of the standing for the third year in a row, and end the season with possibly more questions than answers.

Going into the year many wondered if this would be Morneau's last year, if Dimamond could repeat and lead the rotation this year, if Plouffe could tear the cover off the ball as he did the year, could Hicks excel at the majors, how long the middle infield would last and if the rotation got any better.

Well now going into the final games of the season some questions got answered and some didn't. Such as Morneau eventually did get traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates who are only two game back of the St.Louis Cardinals. Even though it was sad to see him go after so many excellent years with the Twins. It was time to move on. But now the question lies, who is going replace him? This I could see Parmelee or Colabello taking over. With the occasionally Mauer over there as well.

Diamond, who started the year on the DL and was never the same. He ended up going back to AAA, only to return as a September call-up. Where he looks like he hasn't changed from earlier in the season.

Over at 3rd base Plouffe has been inconsistent all year, has battled injuries every now and then and has been about average defensively. Overall he won't be the third baseman of the future as Sano comes up, he will most likely be the opening day starter but will be benched by June or July. From there he will most likely become a super utility guy.

Now as if Hicks can ever succeed at the major league level, I don't see a reason why shouldn't be able to in the future. He is, after all a five tool player and hopefully can be the opening day centerfield for next season. Which I could see happen, if he can show his talents in spring training.

Dozier, unlike Plouffe, has started to make a name for himself this season. Out of all the players on the team Dozier is defiantly the most improved. Hitting for a slightly higher average than he did in years past, along with becoming a solid run producer, especially in the home run category, setting the record for home runs by a second baseman in a Twins uniform. Should have no problem making the team next year. Florimon, similar to Dozier, has shown off his skills over at short, lasting the entire season in the majors and could be the starting opening day shortstop for the Twins as no one seems to be knocking on the door for shortstops in the farm system.

Last year after completing the second straight losing season the Twins knew one thing had to be fixed and that was the starting rotation. So in an attempt to fix it they traded away Denard Span for pitching prospect Alex Meyer, who will mostly be called up next year. Also trading away Ben Revere for, major league ready pitcher,Vance Worly who was a 2ed or 3rd pitcher at best. Who got pushed into be the opening day starter and never lived up to the high expectations. He I could see in the rotation next year as the number 2 or 3 starter. The other pitcher who the Twins acquired in the trade with the Philles was pitching prospect Trevor May who started the year in AA, New Britain and came up to AAA Rochester to join the bullpen in the playoffs. He also should join the Twins in the 2014 season.

Pitchers such as Kevin Correia, Mike Pelfrey, Liam Hendricks, Andrew Albers, P.J. Walter, Samuel Deduno, Pedro Hernandez, and Kyle Gibson are all different stories, yet all of them have made a start for the Twins this year. Mike Pelfrey who signed a one year deal with the Twins over the offseason shouldn't be back next season simply because he has given the Twins no reason to re-sign him. Correia, who signed a two year contract, will be back in the starting rotation most likely at the number two or three spot. Hendricks, Hernandez and Walters I don't see coming back to the majors leagues any time soon, unless for a spot start or as a long reliever. As for the others, Deduno ,Albers and Gibson I could see in the major league rotation next year and hopefully making an impact.

Here are my 2014 Opening Day Predictions (if the Twins don't sign a big name free agent) :

And the Starting Rotation

1.Samuel Deduno
2.Kevin Correia
3.Scott Diamond
4. Vance Worly
5. Kyle Gibson

As we near the end of the 2013 season some will stay and some will go. Share with me of who you think will stay and who will go.

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  1. gil4's Avatar
    Here is my list of who should go from the 40-man (roughly in order of priority):

    Definitely off the 40 man:
    1. Fryer
    2. Martis
    3. Hermsen
    4. Ramirez, Wilkin
    5. Roenicke
    6. Thomas, Clete
    7. Roenicke
    8. DeVries
    9. Mastroianni
    10. Bernier
    11. Hernandez, Pedro

    Maybe / next in line:
    12. Pelfrey (FA - maybe re-sign if price is right, #4-5 starter money)
    13/14. Parmelee and/or Colabello - Neither has shown anything at tthe MLB level. Parmelee has had extended opportunities and will be 26 in Feb. Colabello is a nice story, hasn't had much of an opportunity yet, and really hit AAA, but he's too old to be a real prospect and I will be surprised if that funky stance can produce long-term MLB success. I guesss we need someone to play 1B next year (assuming Mauer is still a catcher), but I would not count on either of these two to be an acceptable answer.

    This doesn't include guys who might be elligible for arbitration who might not be worth offering, mainly because I haven't checked who that might be. (Duensing? Swarzak?) This list is just guys whose value is less than the value of the roster spot.
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