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Axel Kohagen

Mean Routine (Twins at As - Games 152-155)

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Memory Lane Trips (Twins 6 As 8 -- Game 152)

In 2006, I watched Boof Bonser take the mound against the Oakland As. I was close to Torii Hunter when he tripped up and misplayed a ball. I watched a good season end.

Now the As are looking pretty good and the Twins are collapsing their way to 90+ losses. Again. Third time in a row.

Nighttime is getting dark, and these games are just little tombstones in a season so forgettable you couldn't describe it by mentioning proud moments from actual games.

No-Town (Twins 0 As 11 -- Game 153)

I've gone from being a Good Fan to being a Bad Fan to being an Evil Fan. When the runs start to line up against us, I say bring it on. It's been a run-down carnival midway of a season, so why not just send in the clowns?

Losing gets repetitive, and real life follows suit. Concerns about U.S. involvement in the Middle East, two party politics becoming absurd, weather not being what you wanted? We've all been here before.

When I read other Twins bloggers and reporters, I wonder if they're as desperate to be finished with this season as I am.

Raw Sewage (Twins 1 As 9 -- Game 154)

The As stadium, charming as it is, overflowed with what could potentially have been raw sewage. This delayed the game, and loaded up Twins writers everywhere with an apt but obvious metaphor for the season. But that wasn't enough for this team, so they lost 9-1 just to prove the point.

Playoff baseball is coming. I'm still hitching my wagon to the Pirates, even if they've had a few sewage filled moments of their own lately. When I turn on that first playoff game, baseball will seem like a different sport. I'm not used to the games meaning something.

Home Fan Advantages (Twins 7 As 11 -- Game 155)

Twins lose again, but the Minnesota Vikings pitched in to lose in a more humiliating fashion. I watched the football team lose in person, then got updates on the Twins loss as an after dinner mint.

A visit to the Metrodome is a great way to avoid getting too nostalgic about the Twins' time in the Metrodome. The bathroom lines are so long you don't stand in them, you enroll. The drab, circular hallways are like being trapped in a never-ending high school hallway. Even the air feels bored.

Win or lose - and yup, Twins lost again - Target Field is a heckuva place to be. The food and beer still tastes pretty darned good. The sightlines are amazing. The spaces are comfortable.

It's like an empty Twinkie, missing it's baseball cream filling. It deserves something special next year.


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