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by Matt Sisk

Monster-Mash Maestro

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WARNING: This article could be perceived as overly-optimistic. Click with extreme caution!
Now that I’ve disclaimed my ability to temper expectations, it’s time to highlight the Dominican monster that is Miguel Sano.

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Perhaps there was once a youth that exhibited kingly promise in the same way that the Twins’ budding superstar did in 2013? If so, we may have to reach quite a distance to draw a legitimate comparison. Young Sano is the future king of the Dominican baseball world (if he isn't already). My wingspan stretches back to ancient Greece, in an attempt to draw parallel lines with another prince awaiting his crown. Could Miguel Sano lead the Twins in the same way Alexander the Great led his ancient army?

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At the age of 13, both Miguel and Alex were given to the care of tutors. Alex was given to the philosopher and teacher Aristotle. Miguel Sano found a suitable baseball trainer in Moreno Tejeda. Sano’s trainer says he has never seen anyone as gifted (including Robinson Cano). Aristotle was training the sons of the nobility, whereas Tejeda’s patch of students was mostly impoverished.

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Both Alex and Miguel moved on from their tutors at the age of 16. Alex went into the family business and took care of his homeland while daddy waged war abroad. So too did a 16-yr-old Miguel Sano leave his mentor, and begin his professional baseball career by signing with the Minnesota Twins. Both experienced documented success in their pro-debuts. Alex fought-off the Thracians while Miguel fought-off age-related accusations.

After some minor complications, 20-year-old Alexander was named “King” by the nobles and army. His first course of action was to remove any competition for the throne. He executed several powerful people, and retained his reign over a vast empire.

Miguel Sano played his 2nd full season as a pro “pelotero” while just 20-years-old. He was kingly in his production. Many of the nobles and army (the front office and fan-base) are ready to crown him king of all of Twins Territory. Will Sano have any real competition for the 3B job in future seasons?

Let’s consider just how young and powerful Sano really ​is. We all know Miguel hit a ton of homers in 2013. But what type of power prospect are we dealing with here? Compared to hitters that matched or bettered Sano in HR’s, both in the Eastern League and the Florida State League, Miguel is the youngest. Only one of those men, Javier Baez, hit more HR’s in 2013 (37 to 35) than did Sano. But, Sano had 78 fewer at-bats than did Baez. Based on this info, one could gather that Sano is the most-powerful hitter in the minor leagues with room to improve.

Is the idea of Miguel Sano starting the 2014 season with the MLB club irrational? Can baseball prospects be “ruined” if they are pushed up to the big leagues before they are old enough to drink alcohol? Is there anyone in the entire organization right now that could fill the role of 4-hitter better than Sano? These are questions that only the front office/manager of the club can answer.

Are my visions of a 21-year-old winning the 2014 AL Rookie of the Year Award simply just delusions of grandeur for Miguel? Supporters of Alexander’s reign went to great lengths to expedite his arrival as king. Some of his devotees “eliminated” competitors for the throne of ancient Greece. Will Twins’ brass do the same, or are they still unsure of the young prince? A true leader, regardless of age, is needed in Minnesota.

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