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Fanatic Jack

Could Parmelee Make the Roster?

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One question not addressed by most writers is if first baseman Chris Parmelee will make the big league roster. It has just been assumed by everybody including myself, that Parmelee starts the year at Rochester for more at bats and experience. Obviously there was no rush to get Parmelee in Minnesota because Justin Morneau occupies his position at first base. However, things have changed a lot in the last couple weeks at spring training in Fort Myers, Florida. Morneau has not played a game in the field since March 13 and continues to struggle at the plate. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but one has to wonder how the Twins could go into the regular season without an everyday first baseman. I would not be surprised to see Parmelee penciled in as the starting first baseman and Morneau as the regular DH. The one benefit of this happening is it brings a lot more thump into a lineup that really needs it. The Twins would not loose a lot defensively as Parmelee has worked hard on his defense and continues to improve. The one looming issue in all of this is where and how often would Ryan Doumit play. My guess is Doumit would be the regular backup catcher with Butera left in Rochester where he belongs. If the team does not carry three catchers they can bring Parmelee and a utility player north when camp breaks. Doumit could potentially also see time in the outfield as well. You really have to get excited about a lineup with the middle of the order Mauer/Morneau/Willingham/Parmelee/Doumit. Terry Ryan has praised Parmelee for his strong work ethic and his impressive spring training.

In other spring training news the battle for the bullpen is starting to come into focus. The automatic locks in the bullpen are Capps, Perkins, Duensing, and Swarzak. My best guess is Matt Maloney, Jared Burton, and Kyle Waldrop are the other three that make the roster. Manship was in the running, but had a bad outing against the Yankees this afternoon where he surrenderd 4 runs. More concerning was the velocity of his pitches were down to 84-86 MPH. I have no idea who the Twins go with for the final bench spot. I would love to see them go with Michael Hollimon but not sure the coaching staff is thrilled with his overall defense. Please feel free to leave any comments and tell me whay you think.
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I think it's pretty clear that... as of today... the Twins would go with Parmelee at 1B and Morneau DHing. So, to answer the title, Yes.
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    Seth, it looks like Morneau will be the DH, but the Twins took looks at Doumit and Hughes at 1B today. So I think the Parmelee talk is a bit premature. Another 10 games to play or so left. We'll see. Again, if Parmelee means no Butera I am so good with it
  3. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    The clear thing is that for Parmelee to be up with the Twins to start the season, he will be starting, and at 1B. If they feel that it would work for Doumit, Hughes and Mauer to play 1B, then Parmelee gets to develop by playing 1B every day (pretty much) in Rochester. Neither is a bad situation... He'll be playing every day.
  4. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Seth, I don't think it is clear for Parmelee.
    I think the Twins are willing to go with a Doumit/Mauer/Hughes rotation at 1B to figure out what's going on with Morneau, if he is not able to play in the field.
    It's interesting --- if you read Gardy's comments in this evening's article in the Pioneer Press, it doesn't necessarily indicate that Morneau is unable to play the field, so much as it indicates that the Twins don't want to take chances there now, and do want to see others get some reps there.
    "We just want him to take it nice and easy and let him finish and get his swing in order."
  5. headcheese's Avatar
    parmelee should absolutely be playing with the twins. he is hitting .397 and slugging .664 in this video game on my phone. if these numbers can translate to real life, the twins will be dealing with an "MVP-type" player. also we could use a few extra HR!!
  6. Fanatic Jack's Avatar
    I believe it's pretty much a lock that Chris Parmelee makes the roster now. He will play mostly 1B, some right field, and an occasional DH. This will ensure his bat is in the lineup everyday.
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