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Fanatic Jack

Great Job Security.

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The Twins announced today catcher Drew Butera and infielder Michael Hollimon were optioned to Rochester leaving only 31 active players left in camp. Opening day in Baltimore is only six days away and more roster decisions will be made soon. It appears reliever Alex Burnett could find himself on the roster again because of injuries. Perhaps no other player in recent memory has job security like that of Burnett. Critics keep telling us he is young (24), has great stuff, but just needs to work on some things. There is no question Burnett has the talent to be a big league reliever. However, for some reason it does not translate into results on the field. Here is a quick look at the statistics compiled by Burnett;

2010. A 2-2 record with a 5.29 ERA in 47.2 IP. Encouraging 7.0 K/9 ratio.

2011. A 2-5 record with a 5.51 ERA in 50.2 IP. Dissapointing 5.9 K/9 ratio.

2012 (Spring Training). A 0-0 record with a 7.00 ERA in 9 IP.

If the Twins decide not to send Burnett down to Rochester it would be a miscarriage of justice to his development. He needs to locate his pitches better and concentrate on getting out of jams before the inning implodes. One year in Rochester is all Burnett really needs to make the necessary in game adjustments to be successful. It appears to me Burnett will make the roster and not get that chance. I'm quite certain most Americans wish they had the great job security of Alex Burnett.

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  1. Highabove's Avatar
    It would be very shortsighted of the Twins, to again allow Burnett to struggle and fail in the Major Leagues. He desperately needs to learn how to pitch in AAA. Several years of failing in the Big Leagues may ruin him for good.
  2. jorgenswest's Avatar
    There will be some pitchers who are out of options available in next week. Perhaps the final spot in the pen will be filled by a waiver claim. Any interest in Alfredo Simon taking Burnett's spot? There will others. The Twins have an early waiver claim due to their record. Maybe they should use it. I would guess that they are paying attention to available middle infielders also.
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